First Love

Rev 2:9, 1 Jn 4:19, Song of Sol 2:4 Sometimes I feel I’m pulled in so many wrong directions Sometimes I feel the world seducing my affections It’s not that I don’t know the way It’s just a heart that’s prone to stray But with my weaknesses admitted You will keep all that I’ve committed […]

Tu-lippy Day

Today started at 4:15a.m. for me. That was when the alarm clock went off… Walked Sandy to the taxi downstairs at 5a.m. She’s off to Vancouver then Taiwan…and this is the last time I will see her in Toronto. (Have a great vacation, Sandy! Looking forward to seeing you in Singapore/Taiwan someday…) At 5:45a.m. Tingfang […]


Your Deadly Sins Gluttony: 40% Sloth: 40% Pride: 20% Envy: 0% Greed: 0% Lust: 0% Wrath: 0% Chance You’ll Go to Hell: 14% You’ll die choking on a cookie in bed. How Sinful Are You? The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to obedience and warmth. In love, you feel the most alive when […]

Bridge and B&B

I’m hosting 2 houseguests in my apartment right now – friends of friends who came from Singapore to stay for 12 days. Stayed up till 3a.m. the night before giving the place a thorough clean and tidying which it hasn’t been subjected to since more than a month ago. By the time I was done, […]

My first book chapter!

Just saw an email in my inbox… “Dear Ann, Your proposal has been accepted. The first draft of the manuscript is due 1st August 2005…” That’s a proposal I submitted for a chapter in a book that’s going to be titled Reforming Learning: Issues, Concepts and Practices in the Asia-pacific Region. And it’s based on […]


It’s amazing what difference a week can do. Clear blue skies. Warm sunshine. The branches of the trees lining my street are once again softly filled with young leaves. The tulip bulbs that had been tentatively nudging their heads out of the soil are slowly unfurling their brilliant petals. In another week, all the tulips […]

Existential Angst

Ever had the sense of belonging not quite where you thought you were supposed to belong? I’ve encountered such feelings before, and I don’t always pause to wonder why. Usually just because it’s too much of a headache to think about it or because I fear what the implication of those hunches might be. Lately […]