Power of Love?

I know Zibin’s influenced me in big and small ways since we became a couple. I started spouting singlish after 20 years (much to his dismay at first, thought he ‘corrupted’ me). Started eating raw onions. Learned to take more spicy food. Most amazing of all, I actually began to think Stephen Chow is an […]

All in A Day's Work

Went to ICA. Extended my social visit pass till August 21st. Yes, this foreigner is continuing to stay in Singapore legally. Had lunch with Mom @ Ding Tai Fung in J8. Ech… not tt good. Had tea with Yinwei. Chocolate cheesecake. Girl talk. Saw and held her little botak boy. Took SBS 74 from Marymount […]

Of Sushi & Tim Tams

At John’s invitation, 9 of us from the U of T gang got together for lunch yesterday (Yiling, Shawn, Yuandong and Yuehan…u were missed!). After lunch at a Jap place in Tiong Bahru Plaza, we adjourned to Delifrance so that people could attempt the Tim Tam Slam. Over steaming cups of cappucino and hot chocolate, […]

Definitive Bat

There are bats, then there are bats. I’d always thought Batman to be the coolest of the marvel comic superheroes because Bruce Wayne has a genuinely tortured past – not to mention being a billionaire and not actually having any super powers. And now finally, there’s a Batman movie and an actor that does justice […]

Pecan Paradise

For some reason I’m not someone who is easily surprised. But I was surprised early this morning. I thought I had gone to the airport just to fetch Huixuan and her mom. Instead, I received a third arrival from Toronto: 2 slices of delectable pecan pie from Swiss Chalet! Huixuan had gone and bought it […]

Baby Booties

Today’s entire morning was dedicated to clearing out my wardrobe. When I was finally done, Mom decided she also wanted to clear some very, VERY old clothes of mine. Out came a suitcase full of selected clothes, both mine and Johnny’s… from newborn shirts to kindergarten uniforms and even John’s Monkey God costume that my […]