Timex for Love

Got myself an early anniversary present today… a Timex Ironman: Triathalon sports watch! Had been looking for some time for a new sports watch that can accompany me on ping-pong games and swimming sessions. Am very pleased with the sporty beauty Zibin bought me. We found a really handsome one for him too. We celebrated […]

Experiences 2005

Today was Experiences 2005 the “American University Convention”. Somehow UofT got a booth space along with the other US universities (and our fellow Canadian Univ McGill) at Suntec City. Despite a rather too rushed preparation period with insufficient human-power in the days leading up to the event, I think we fared pretty well! People didn’t […]

Zen. Food – Zen.

Never knew healthy food could be this tasty or this chic. I had a lovely dinner for two with my mother today at Aiwo in Raffles City. We had about 12 different dishes, all very tasty…and topped it off with a guilt-free chocolate brownie with soy ice-cream and a strawberry ice-cream with fresh strawberries. Everything […]