Some say love…

Just read a friend’s blog… and suddenly these lyrics from The Rose come to mind as something I’d like to share with her: It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance It’s the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance It’s the one who won’t be taken who cannot seem […]

Swim Overkill?

I’m supposed to be studying now. But instead I’m fighting the Zzzzz monster. Well, at least I’m still in battle… my study-mate across the table has already succumbed and fallen asleep on her psychology textbook. Ha ha. Went swimming again at Hart House today, at Huixuan’s invitation. And my, that girl can swim! I had […]


I have almost forgotten how it feels to suffer at the “hands” of a faucet that blows hot and cold and have nowhere to run. Had the experience again today…twice. Scalding hot. Then… freezing cold. I yelped and howled to no avail. Ha ha… don’t think anyone heard me, and even if they had, there […]

Past 3 Days…

Friday 23 Sep: Borrowed Qiuyan’s car to buy groceries for MSSA Orientation. Hui Jun & I brilliantly locked the car keys in the car trunk. 100mins and 48bottles of mineral water (don’t ask) later, the mess was fixed. Discovery: Hui Jun would be a great person to have if I ever needed someone to bail […]


I’ve been pretty stressed so far this week… bad timing. Suddenly all sorts of things colluding… parquet flooring popping up, government choosing to review my tax return. Today from the moment I woke up I was ‘fighting fire’ one after another…and it wasn’t till about 1p.m. in the afternoon that I could take a breather. […]


It’s always humbling to discover how many syntactic and grammatical mistakes an English teacher can still find in my careless writing. Even more painful to be told that I have an ‘inefficient writing style’ when I had begun to think that efficiency and organization were my two redeeming writing virtues. Maybe I will give some […]

First Day of Term

It’s that time of the year again… the campus abuzz with chatter, laughter… students with backpacks, students on cycles, students sitting on the grass. Talking, waving, smiling. “I just had my first class today!” “Really? How was it?” “It was a seminar…” Long line-ups at the bookstore. Free pizza upcoming. After a relatively languid summer, […]