Hmmm. Huixuan told me about this humanmetrics site, which got me…intrigued. It’s a version of the MBTI, and the analysis is…interesting. I’m actually quite impressed. Some parts of the analysis were eerily (and some parts sadly) true. Strength of the preferences % Extroverted (1) Intuitive (12) Feeling (62) Judging (33) I’m: slightly expressed extrovert slightly […]

Wallace & Gromit

Watched Wallace & Gromit last night… it was excellent entertainment! A few quick post-movie observations: 1. British wit trumps American humour, particularly when much of the wry wit is conveyed without words 2. Gromit is probably the most compelling mute character I have seen so far. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s wry and he’s cute. […]