Halim Family Reunion

Today was the 28th anniversary of my maternal grandpa’s passing. Every year, my mom’s family flies in to Singapore from various corners of the world (Indonesia, Malaysia, U.S., Canada, Hong Kong) at this time to visit my grandpa’s grave and to have a reunion. I have fond memories of these gatherings, especially since I had […]

The Tofu Debate

Aarrggh. I slept ALL AFTERNOON!!!! It was a cool and lovely rainy day today. After lunch, I just couldn’t resist lying down on my bed and just…well…resting a bit. Before I know it, it’s 7p.m.!!! I’m so dead…*sob* ***** Zibin was able to have lunch with me today. We had a very, very animated debate […]

Nano Wait No More

Today was… Fun! Amusing! Enjoyable! Entertaining! Pleasurable! Ha ha…no, I haven’t gone nuts. I’m just still amused by Dictionapolis’ 5 cabinet members who speak in synonyms one after another. Yes, I’m talking about the Duke of Definition, Minister of Meaning, Earl of Essence, Count of Connotation and Undersecretary of Understanding. (Intrigued yet? Go and get […]

From Zero to Thirty

Well, I’m back in Singapore again. A veritable thunderstorm seems to be pouring outside…and I’m up at 5a.m. and getting pretty hungry (close to dinner-time in Toronto!). The flight back was pretty smooth and relatively pleasant. Positive points: 1) slept quite a bit, and pretty soundly too! 2) had Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth as […]

First Snow It Is!

Seems I blogged too soon yesterday… The heavens chose today to bestow its first snow of the season to Toronto. Yuehan smsed me to say “The snow insists on saying good-bye…” And as I was staring out of my window earlier, I was thinking the exact same thing. After so many winters, I still have […]