Austen Snob?

Being a snob is not something that sits well with me…not when I’m the supposed snob. But more and more I’m realizing recently that I can be, well, very finicky about some very trivial things. I don’t like to see/watch performances unless it’s of what I deem to be a sufficiently high calibre. Figure-skating…dance… and […]

Merciless Ann

Sometimes I don’t know what gets into me… Maybe it’s some pent up or unused energy that sometimes wells up within me. At times, I get so much satisfaction from teasing people that I’m almost ashamed of myself. I had a meeting today with some of my fellow OISE philosophy students to discuss the planning […]

The Ick Factor

They laminated a giant bumble bee, They laminated a giant bumble bee, It’s so disgusting, can’t you see, They laminated a giant bumble bee. Sometimes I think I’ve got to be the ‘luckiest’ person on earth. What are the chances of a bee getting laminated into the back cover of an academic journal? And then […]

The Longest Walk

Have I had any romantic notions about autumn in my mind today (which, thankfully, I didn’t), it would most definitely have been blasted out of my being during the longest walk home I’ve had in my life. The wind, dear reader, was blowing at 68km/h with blasts of 89km/h. And the regular, mundane 15mins walk […]