Back in Toronto for a little over 24 hours now. I’m tired beyond belief, but decided to take this opportunity to make a blog entry (perhaps seeing how diligently HJ is blogging from SF and how even HM who hasn’t blogged for ages actually posted a blog ‘motivated’ me into this). The flight from Singapore […]

New Phone (Again?!)

Yep. Totally unplanned, unexpected…But as of yesterday evening, I’ve got a new cell/mobile phone. A Samsung SGH-E730 It started simply enough, with me shopping with my mom for a new digital camera for John (my mom’s present to him for his commissioning + Christmas). And she’s been looking for a palm for herself for a […]

Zibin & Joey

It was ‘aww-inducing’ to watch 3-month old Joey gurgling and cooing happily to Zibin’s voice…until one comes close enough to hear what it was that Uncle Zibin was saying to the chubby little bundle of joy. “Have you got a pot-belly? Ooh…have you got a pot-belly? Have you got a pot-belly?”

159 Reunion

It was Sin Teck’s son, Althan’s 1st birthday yesterday. (Sin Teck was one of Zibin’s 6 housemates at 159 Beverley St. back in their Toronto glory-days) And so, it turned out to be a kind of reunion for those guys…albeit with babies and kids screaming in the background, balloons popping etc. It was fun to […]