Farewell, 爷爷

It feels a little odd to follow a post about such a wonderful family event with a sad one. But such is life, I suppose… it shouldn’t be odd at all.

My 爷爷 passed away in his sleep early this morning. It’s a little ironic that after a few close-calls when the entire family rushed to his bedside, that he slips away so quietly when everyone’s asleep. But we all had a chance to say our good-byes…and I guess that’s the important thing. The doctor had expressed his amazement at my grandfather’s will to live…he had hung on for a few weeks when they had thought he’d last only a few days.

I’d like to say a thank you to all my friends, both in Toronto, Boston & in Singapore, who have expressed concern and offered support and prayers for my grandfather and my family. Your thoughts and love are truly appreciated. :)

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