Fashion Statement

When I walked out of my bedroom earlier, Yuandong remarked, “你生病啊? 穿到这样。” My reply was that, “是啊,怕冷嘛。” But it was only after I returned to my bedroom that I realized how uncoordinated I looked. Thigh-length sleep-shirt, calf-length cotton capri, waist-length fleece jacket and ankle-high socks. All haphazardly put on one after another to keep me […]

Humbled, Blessed.

Zibin, you sometimes jokingly complain that I blog about my friends, even John, more than I blog about you. And that’s because so often the thoughts I have about you are so intensely personal and emotional that an open and public space like this blog just doesn’t seem quite appropriate. And that’s why most of […]


Had planned to sleep before 11p.m. tonight, but then my supervisor called and we talked for an hour. It was a very fruitful talk, one that was very helpful to me. But now I’m left with a dilemma: finish my reading quota for the day and sleep around midnight OR just go to bed and […]

The Joy of Soy

Whenever I’m back in Singapore, I drink unsweetened soy milk instead of cow’s milk because that’s what’s available in the kitchen. A few months back, I started buying unsweetened soy milk in Toronto as well although 2% milk is regularly available in our kitchen at OPL. I suppose I’d gotten used to the taste of […]

Happy Developments

I. Hunt For The Green T-Shirt Well I didn’t find a true-green t-shirt exactly, but a true-green sweater instead. Wanting knows about my ongoing hunt for a truegreen t-shirt to replace my almost 12-yr old favourite t-shirt and she told me she’d seen a Gap sweater of that shade on sale. So I went, I […]

Snowy Saturdays

Déja vu. Woke up this morning and the view from my window seemed rather grey and blurry. After putting on my glasses I realized why…it’s snowing! (Last night Yuehan had just wondered when it was going to snow again…ha ha.) Watching the snowflakes twirling and floating past my window, I’m reminded of the Land of […]

Frigid Fridays

For the second week in a row since I’ve been back, Friday’s the prettiest day of the week. After days of grey and gloomy skies, today’s blue skies and bright sunshine is a feast for the eyes. Yet, as is almost always the case in winter, such visually beautiful weather is accompanied by frigid temperatures. […]