Search for New Niches

Lately I’ve been discovering new niches with great views… there are the roof-top terraces in my apartment building that I’ve never been to… and then today, Huixuan and I sneaked up to the 12th floor of the Terence Donnelly Center for Research and we were astounded by the gorgeousness of the views, as well as […]


Isn’t it interesting how clutter begins? A paper that isn’t filed…a book not put back in place…some mail that was put aside for ‘later’…pieces of paper with random notes…magazines that weren’t put away…notes that were used and not put back in the folder…days go by, weeks, and I procrastinate putting things away. And before you […]

Me & Company

Another Friday night in an apartment so quiet that I can hear a pin drop. Was so loathe to end the conversation with Zibin earlier (but the man wanted to take a nap…at 11a.m.!!!) What to do…gotta let a man sleep, no? Been reading ‘Type-Talk’ by Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen. Back in my […]

5 Love Languages Quiz

Well, well, what do you know… years after first reading Gary Chapman’s book (and enthusiastically giving it as gifts to my friends who get engaged), I do an ‘online quiz’ version. And the result is different from my own assessment after reading the book. But my bias towards the the top 3 love languages remain […]