Month: March 2006

Search for New Niches

Lately I’ve been discovering new niches with great views… there are the roof-top terraces in my apartment building that I’ve never been to… and then today, Huixuan and I sneaked up to the 12th floor of the Terence Donnelly Center for Research and we were astounded by the gorgeousness of the views, as well as of the interior. Check out the pictures I took at the MSSA Forum. Oh btw, I’ve added the MSSA Forum to my blog links. If you’re a []

To A Certain Friend's Fiancé

I’m always a little surprised and flattered to find out about people who read my blog regularly that I didn’t know read my blog. Well, today, a dear friend of mine (whose birthday is coming up) commented to me that her fiancé is a regular visitor to my blog and wondered if I could er…help make a ‘plug’ of sorts regarding her upcoming birthday. Things of this sort are quite different from what I usually do, so I told her that I []


Isn’t it interesting how clutter begins? A paper that isn’t filed…a book not put back in place…some mail that was put aside for ‘later’…pieces of paper with random notes…magazines that weren’t put away…notes that were used and not put back in the folder…days go by, weeks, and I procrastinate putting things away. And before you know it, there’s hardly space on my desk to do work. And as I keep putting off clearing my desk, the tension and stress builds as the []

Helianthus Annuus – A Natural Inspiration

A while ago, I blogged about my 18th Birthday present from Mom – a sunflower. Her reason for giving it to me was that just as the budding sunflower always faces the sun, she wished that my soul will always be looking towards God (the greatest light). Two nights ago, I found out something else about the simple sunflower from Hui Mei. She told me that sunflowers are heavy metal accumulators of radioactive substances like caesium and strontium, and even organic chemicals []


That’s what Hui Jun challenged me to pronounce, and which I succeeded in doing today. Earned me a cup of Second Cup’s Earl Grey tea (not bad eh?). It’s basically Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious spelt (truly) backwards. The West End musical soundtrack for Mary Poppins is addictive. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. So many lovely tracks…and my favourite song is “Practically Perfect“. There’s something delicious about how audacious Mary Poppins is in declaring that she’s practically perfect. (Try saying []

Second to None and Canadian to boot!

Ahh….Second Cup. I wonder why I haven’t blogged about this divine little establishment earlier. Perhaps our relationship wasn’t quite this mature yet, and I didn’t have as much to say. You know how when you make a new friend, you get along and start spending more time together? Then as time passes, you get to know the person better, and if you’re lucky, you’re pleasantly surprised by new discoveries about the person that makes you like her better? Well, I’m not a []

Me & Company

Another Friday night in an apartment so quiet that I can hear a pin drop. Was so loathe to end the conversation with Zibin earlier (but the man wanted to take a nap…at 11a.m.!!!) What to do…gotta let a man sleep, no? Been reading ‘Type-Talk’ by Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen. Back in my psych undergrad days, I used to be a little iffy about the whole personality typing thing. But I’m continuously amazed at how many things about the MBTI []

5 Love Languages Quiz

Well, well, what do you know… years after first reading Gary Chapman’s book (and enthusiastically giving it as gifts to my friends who get engaged), I do an ‘online quiz’ version. And the result is different from my own assessment after reading the book. But my bias towards the the top 3 love languages remain accurate. So, it’s not too far off. I scored a little lower on Words of Affirmation than I thought (considering that’s what I thought my primary love []


Both Zibin and I have very rebellious histories as children. We’re both the type that would specifically do the opposite of what we were asked to do by our parents. (annoying little buggers we must have been) So today when I was on Skype with Zibin, I was telling him how our kids are probably likely to inherit this rebellious streak in us, and that if they give us problems next time, he and I either cannot, or both could (thnx, HJ) []

The Crown Jewel of Arbor Room

Alright, this may be an exaggeration. But the APC (avocado pita club) is getting more precious to me as the day Arbor Room closes draws nearer and nearer. I don’t even usually eat it that often. I better slow down before I get sick of it…DMR you know…:P (Click on photo for a different capture of APC)