Month: April 2006

Bonjour Brioche

My day began at 6:30a.m. (but I had near 8 hrs of sleep cos I hit the sack at 10:45p.m.) After spending some quiet time and making that blog entry on Il Mare, I met Edmund for our brunch appointment. He had told me about this great little cafe called Bonjour Brioche, so we went there today. After a very delicious brunch, we took our time walking back. It was a 1 hr 15 min long walk (the cafe was east of []

Il Mare…and Connections

I watched Il Mare yesterday evening. The VCD had been sitting on my desk for several months now, I think, ever since HJ/HM lent it to me. I can’t remember exactly now the reason they recommended it to me, other than the fact that they thought the male protagonist in the film resembled John. In fact, HM said one of the first impressions they had of John when they met him was that he looked like the actor from Il Mare. *smile* []

Exceptional Courage

Have you ever experienced the feeling of finally having things getting into a groove, and your train is just beginning to chug along more or less merrily, only to have it unexpectedly meet an obstacle you thought you had already put behind and you almost get derailed? Briefly disoriented, miffed, sad and disappointed, you nevertheless decide that darn it, this train is staying on track no matter what! I had such an experience this morning. Quite unexpectedly, like an arrow from the []

A good friday

Yep, Thursday was unproductive, but yesterday kind of made up for it. Here’s a brief rundown of why it was a good day yesterday: Blue Skies It was another splendid spring day…clear blue skies, warm sunshine, and a brisk little breeze. I’d had this thought a few years ago, but I just thought it again yesterday and this time the poignancy goes even deeper because these blue skies have since become even dearer to me. When I return to Singapore for good []


Today’s one of those days, where my energy level was practically zero. Maybe it’s a cumulative effect of lack of sleep (quite likely), but I ended up sleeping more during the day today than I have in months. Ah well, will try to break the bad sleep cycle. Have begun more earnest discussions about next year’s wedding with Zibin and my mom. It’s never meant to be easy is it? Wedding planning is infamously frought with tension-mines. I’ve heard how parents who []

What a wondrous time is spring…

…’when all the trees are budding…‘ I’ve sung that hymn many times over, and I never quite understood what ‘trees budding’ meant. Till today. Walking through campus with my digital camera in my pocket, I decided to take a close-up shot of those baby green ‘leaves’ that have sprouted all over the barren trees in campus in the few days that I had been away in Mexico. And to my surprised delight, those baby green clusters weren’t leaves at all…they were flowers! []

Mexico Photos

Update: I’ve uploaded a selection of photos from my Mexican trip. Now you can have some visual images to accompany the various blog entries! :) Puerto Vallarta 2006 Photos

Nightmare Transit

This is a bit of an overdue post. I hadn’t intended to blog about my flight back from Mexico, but it was such a (literal) pain-in-the-ass experience that I thought I really should share it. Besides, Kenneth laughed so hard when I was recounting it earlier today that I was surprised he didn’t choke on his lunch. If it could be potentially *that* amusing, I shouldn’t cheat my other friends of it, no? *grin* I had a 55-minute transit in Houston, Texas. []

You Are a White Flower A white flower tends to represent purity, simple beauty, and modesty. At times, you are dignified like a magnolia. And at other times, you represent great ecstasy, like a white orchid. And more than you wish, you’re a little boastful, like a white hydrangea. What Color Flower Are You? Ha ha ha oh my…let’s rephrase this,”Can be mature and dignified, but sometimes can go into hyper-drive and be really silly. And whether I like it or not, []


I got the SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Doctoral Fellowship! So many things happened on my flight back which I had intended to blog, but suddenly this piece of good news takes precedence. Ha ha… Wanting had emailed me while I was in Mexico that I received an envelope from SSHRC but I hadn’t had time to check my utoronto email, so I missed it. Which was probably just as well (I probably would have been in a constant state []