Age Issues

Issue #1: Aches & Pain Had a conversation yesterday that reminded me of the time I went through an ergonomic phase. Before John left me his PC, I used my laptop all the time. In my final undergrad year, I started having more chronic muscle tension in my neck, shoulder and back. So I decided […]


Just got back from dinner. Don’t bother going to Queen’s Mum ever.  Dinner with 20 philosophers was…interesting. But everytime I spend social time with this group (i.e. the non-Singaporean community of my Toronto existence), I am struck by how alien I feel despite the fact that there is much I can talk about with them. […]


It’s HOOOOOOOOOOT in Toronto! *gasps* Ok, so right now I’m cooling my heels in my comfortably air-conditioned bedroom and sipping a tall glass of deliciously cold Second Cup Earl Grey. I know I’m better off than many of my Torontonian friends who are baking in their apartments (especially those with west-facing apartments). :P I was […]

A Good Week

A week has flown by just like that. Wanting is returning from Spain later today, and I will be happy to see her again. :) And yet, I think I will also miss this past week, because it has been a very good and fruitful week. I’ve had a generous share of activities and fellowship […]