Inking Memories

I kept all my correspondence from secondary school in a clear binder. It has been more than a decade… I wonder if my friends still remember what they wrote to me? Just for kicks, I’m putting up some ‘safe’ excerpts without names. It’s a pity many of these correspondences weren’t dated. But they were all […]

My Other "Other 1/2"

Unplanned…well almost. But I ended up meeting Ivy “Tomato” Toh for ice-cream today… my original ‘other half’ before Zibin came into my life. I think it was Mrs Liu (our prefect mistress) who dubbed us into halves. It started when I came to meet her once and she asked me, “Where’s your other half?” It […]


This is a view I have literally walked past thousands of times and never noticed. Isn’t it amazing what rain and fresh green leaves can do? ************ I tried Earl Grey ice-cream today at The Daily Scoop, an amazing ice-cream parlour in Sunset Way that makes hand-churned ice-cream. It really tasted like Earl Grey tea! […]

Yesterday's Sound Bites

Seeing Red Last night Zibin came back in a bright red Liverpool t-shirt. He’s a Newcastle fan. This sort of behaviour is incomprehensible to me as I had always thought soccer fans’ display of club paraphernalia was sacrosanct. Me:*double-take* “Liverpool?! Why are you wearing a Liverpool t-shirt?” ZB:“Wing Kwong (his brother-in-law) bought for me one […]

Camerata Salzburg

Me: Enraptured I never quite understood the effect that classical music, especially symphonies, have on me. I can feel as if my heart has grown wings and taken flight, yet is at deep rest at the same time. I hadn’t thought that having a visual of the orchestra playing would make so much difference to […]

"Queen Bea" & I

If there’s anyone that was a model St. Nicks student, it would be Beatrice. And this opinion would be unanimous. Sedate, impeccably neat from head to toe, polite, cultured, always proper and temperate. Little wonder she was the Head of Discipline in our prefects exco. It was good that we had her to balance the […]