Good-bye Again

I’m flying off to New York tomorrow morning! There’s still much I’d have liked to do before leaving, but I can’t finish them all. I haven’t even time to say proper good-byes to my friends, though they’ve all been in my mind and heart even while we haven’t met or spoken. There were letters/emails I […]

Banded in Matrimony

We got our wedding rings today!!!! Well, not really… as in, we didn’t buy anything, but we certainly decided where we were going to get them! And it’s all thanks to Enling who recommended Fairies Inc. to me, a wonderful little establishment that makes customized wedding bands. And by golly, there were really interesting designs! […]


I was reading an issue of Family: Good Living, Better Parenting magazine this morning while waiting for my mom at the NUS MRI Centre. There was a short article entitled ‘Speak Wisely’ which spoke about the power of positive affirmation in parenting. As you can expect, the overwhelming tendency is for parents to focus on […]

Viral Attack

Well, well…seems Zibin’s not the only one who picks his timing in falling sick. With just 10 days to go in Singapore and still a zillion things to do, I’ve lost the battle and succumbed to the evil virus that has been wreaking havoc on my mom and dad for the past week. And don’t […]

Fanfare Quiz

Would the apartment building you are staying in have a fanfare? Wing Kwong emailed out a link for the apartment building they will be renting come mid-August (right now they’re still staying in a service apt). I opened the link in a new tab and was taken aback when a fanfare resounded through my quiet […]