A Nice Day

Just as I was about to go to sleep last night, I had a thought, “Today was a good day.” There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary yesterday. It was the little moments that were interspersed throughout (particularly in the afternoon and earlier evening) that added flavour. It was a day peppered with ‘moments’. Facial […]

Ithaca Photos

A barn along Highway 96, enroute from Ithaca to Toronto Sorry I took so long to put these pics up. The delay was due to various reasons. I was lazy. I wasn’t too happy with the pics I took on this trip because almost all the photos were taken from the car. Neither my skills […]


Been in a ‘balletic’ mood ever since I found out that The National Ballet of Canada is staging Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty (choreography by Rudolf Nureyev) in November. That fairy-tale was my childhood favourite for two reasons. 1. The ballet. 2. The Disney cartoon. Both for which I loved the music. Of course the cartoon […]

Mystery Umbrella

Found: One silver (outside) and purple (inside) foldable umbrella. It has the words “EverGreen” printed in green on the velcro strap. Where: In my suitcase I have a sneaking suspicion that I borrowed this umbrella from someone on a rainy day. Back in Singapore. *sheepish grin* I’m pretty sure it’s someone that reads my blog… […]

The Ideal Age

In a conversation last Friday with a friend about growing older, I said something that surprised myself. “I believe that the ideal age is the age one is at right now (i.e. in the present).” As the words came out, a warmth spread through my body as I realized the significance of this realization for […]

Musical Moonbean

I had dinner with Melissa today. Was hoping to get to know my new housemate a little better… but I think I revealed a side I didn’t quite expect to reveal tonight, much to her amusement. It started off ordinarily enough. Dinner at Ka Chi in Chinatown. Then, we decided to adjourn to the Moonbean […]