In the early morning of August 9th, Zibin and I were at Toronto’s Pearson Airport awaiting my 大姑 and 姑丈’s arrival. Suddenly, our attention was drawn to the enthusiastic and extremely passionate embrace that a young man who had just arrived was receiving from a girl. Zibin made a tongue-in-cheek quip about young love, but […]

Mom's Response

This is my mom’s response to my blog yesterday. I know she wouldn’t mind me sharing it. *smile* I am touched and gratified by her motherly pride. Her words of affirmation never fail to spur me to strive even harder. Of course probably not everyone would agree with her words or judgment about me, but […]

Girl Talk @ OPL1204C

3 girls chatting in the kitchen. Range of topics: Yoga (we may all be taking yoga classes come September) Meditation (Wanting shared some breathing tips for meditation from drama training) Cooking (Ting intends to get a slow-cooker too cos it’s so handy, saves time and the food tastes good!) TCM (Ting & Melissa want to […]

The Fuel for Passion

In the past few days, I’ve read some things from two different books that match my own descriptions about my spiritual journey. That’s not surprising at all, of course, considering that the experience of being on a spiritual journey is pretty universal. Still, it was interesting that after all these years, I see it in […]


Over a year ago, I met with a priest I had known since childhood. I was deeply troubled then, and felt at the end of my tether as to how to handle some really hurtful personal problems. He listened with great love and compassion. Of course he didn’t offer any solution, as there were none. […]


I love it when I have company in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking on my own too, of course, but when there’s another person equally busy cooking, it’s a totally different experience. Conversation is ongoing, but at any one time, neither person is totally paying attention. So conversation topics are never too intellectual. (Once before, […]

Holidays are over! Well, it certainly feels that way, with Zibin in Cornell and me in Toronto, the past few weeks of travelling, entertaining, playing, shopping and moving have come to an end. It’s time to put my personal things in order now and to gear up for the new term, though this will be […]