Book Ends

Ithaca is really quite stunning. There are parts of it that are adequately bustling and busy, but Zibin’s residence is tucked away uphill in a residential niche that’s peaceful and quiet. Unlike Downtown Toronto where amenities, groceries and entertainment are just short walks away, the city of Ithaca (NY) sprawls over the slope of a […]

'Ulu' Ithaca

I’m here. I’m in Ithaca once again. Never did imagine that my destiny with this pretty city would extend beyond Weizhen. But Zibin’s graduate studies is taking us right back to Ithaca and the gorgeous gorges and lovely campus of Cornell University. Zibin’s new place at Carriage House Apartments is quite lovely. The place reminds me a […]

Bits and Pieces

My ‘getting to know you’ session with my 大姑 and 姑丈 continued today. There are lots of interesting new bits I’ve been learning about them in the past few days… 1. 大姑 loves Earl Grey tea (same as me!) 2. 大姑 knows quite a bit about cameras and photography. (ok, so it’s associated with her […]

Unexpected Blessings

It’s a rather strange, yet warm and interesting experience… getting to know people whom I’ve known my entire life. My 大姑 and 大姑丈 are in town to visit me, and Zibin and I have been playing host. Neither of us expected just how much we’d enjoy the time we are spending with them. We’ve always […]

My Funny Guy

Never a day goes by that I do not feel lucky to have Zibin in my life. Sometimes, I feel the sentiment more strongly than usual. Our past few days have been packed with the tiring activities of spring cleaning and shopping for Zibin’s Cornell apartment. At every step of the way, I couldn’t help […]

Engineers' Rant

Zibin and I were enjoying a lazy breakfast with Wanting before her driving class today. Over cheese omelette on toast and banana and strawberry soy smoothies, the conversation turned towards pet and peeve subjects in school. It all began when Zibin started examining the mug I gave him to use, which is actually a beaker […]

"Summer" Cleaning

I’d forgotten how tiring it was to spring clean. Admittedly, the chore was made much more pleasant because Zibin was helping me. Actually, at times I felt like I was assisting him. He attacked the job with such systematic and dogged determination that I cleared out more things than I had intended to. By the […]