Dancing Queen

There’s something that very few people up to now know about me. Sometimes, when I’m alone at home, I dance. I’m not a skillful dancer, and I’m definitely an untrained one. But when I’m in one of those dancing moods, I dance with abandon and glee! I jump, I twirl, I pirouette… I do anything […]

Simply 'Ann'

There’s something that never fails to frustrate and nonplus me. Why, after a correspondence in which I have clearly signed off as “Ann,” do people reply and address me as “Anne?” And why do some people do it repeatedly after knowing me for a long time? Today I received yet another such e-mail, and Anne […]


I didn’t realize how tired I was until Yoga class this evening. For the first half of class, the teacher was covering basic movements and postures on the back. Every once in a while, I’d suddenly realize that I wasn’t doing anything, except lying there. And that although I could hear the instructor’s voice going […]

A Positive Spirit

I accomplished quite a lot of work today. So did my mom. *grin* While I began work on the paper I will be presenting at the GSCOPE conference, pots and faucets in the kitchen were silently polished to a shine. Clean dishes and cutlery kept mysteriously disappearing into cabinets throughout the day. The laundry room […]

Saluting Gadflies

This is my program’s latest advertisment post-card. I thought it’s pretty cool. *grin* For those unfamiliar with the philosophical reference, Socrates was described as a gadfly. I’m too tired and short of time now to give a more detailed elaboration, so you can check out wikipedia’s explanation of the term here. Seriously though, one doesn’t […]

A Different Snore

When I woke up this morning, Mom told me she didn’t sleep well last night. She kept getting interrupted. First by a phone-call from Singapore… and then later on, by a ringing phone she couldn’t locate. Well, she thought it was a phone ringing… in vibration mode. And she went all over my room trying […]


It happened. Today, my mom and I broke our ‘agreement’ to not chat at length except in the evening. From the moment we woke up we started talking… and though I went to OISE to meet my supervisor (and my mom went too to say hi), the rest of the day was spent with my […]