Makanmania @ Cornell

   I’ve heard of Makanmania since the days when Weizhen was studying at Cornell. It seemed like a cool idea, an annual food fair kind of thing featuring Singaporean hawker delights…prepared by the Singaporean student community. I got to attend Cornell SSA’s Makanmania yesterday. The menu was pretty impressive though the quality varied quite a […]

Ah Marie…

The OPLers went for an evening at the movies yesterday. Talk about girls’ night out… we watched Marie Antoinette and all the frills and lace and gowns and jewellery on the big screen made me feel so… girly. I’m grateful to Wanting for telling us before the movie began that she’s heard that the movie’s […]

A Wicked SMS Duel

I knew it as soon as the SMS came through. That a game’s afoot! Oh it’s been so long since I’ve done this… the rush was fantastic! It just so happens I was listening to the Wicked soundtrack, and my phone buzzed. Kenneth (Li): This is terrible… I’ve been trying to study for some time […]