Month: October 2006

The Challenge to Forgive

In my life there have been many different levels of challenges when it comes to offering forgiveness. Sometimes it’s not that hard because the hurt wasn’t very grave. Sometimes it’s a lot harder because the person in question still keeps hurting me or the people I love. The hardest case I’ve ever had in trying to forgive someone was because the grievously injured party was not me, but people I love. That I think, was the only time I ever really hated []

One Of The Geeks (and rant to self)

Cornell students really study. The libraries are packed everyday. Even Sundays. At night! And it’s not just because it’s prelim (= midterm in UT lingo) season. And thing is, the libraries have been this way since the very first week of term! Today I joined the ranks of library pigeons here at Cornell. That is, I parked my Torontonian butt down in a little nook amidst the Cornellian engineering students while Zibin was at class. One thing I must say: the engineering []

Makanmania @ Cornell

   I’ve heard of Makanmania since the days when Weizhen was studying at Cornell. It seemed like a cool idea, an annual food fair kind of thing featuring Singaporean hawker delights…prepared by the Singaporean student community. I got to attend Cornell SSA’s Makanmania yesterday. The menu was pretty impressive though the quality varied quite a bit. We heard rumours that the SSA had to order a lot of Prima Taste packs from Washington, so there were some complaints that the standard has []


We had ourselves a little costume party last night. Will let the pics speak for themselves… click on any of the thumbnails to view the album! :)

The Voice of Wolverine

For little reasons here and there (mainly the film The Prestige), Hugh Jackman’s resurfaced in my consciousness. Yes, there was a time not too many years ago when I was rather crazy about him. I wasn’t alone. Weizhen and Yinwei liked him just as much *grin*. He holds the record as the only actor that all three of us thought attractive. It’s pretty amazing. Usually Yinwei’s and Weizhen’s tastes are poles apart :P What sealed the deal for me back then was []

MSSA TAR & Thanksgiving Pics

Click pic to view album. I got an earful from Johnny Boy a couple of days ago for not giving him new photos to view. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been inspired or actually had my camera with me. I suppose in a way these days my lenses have been focused more inward than out… and on those occasions I glimpse a beautiful or memorable sight (which I still do), I just pause and drink it into my memory instead! []

Ah Marie…

The OPLers went for an evening at the movies yesterday. Talk about girls’ night out… we watched Marie Antoinette and all the frills and lace and gowns and jewellery on the big screen made me feel so… girly. I’m grateful to Wanting for telling us before the movie began that she’s heard that the movie’s not fantastic but that the costumes were gorgeous. That turned out to be pretty accurate. I wasn’t expecting much to begin with (so sorry for my prejudice, []

Rapunzel in The Magic Kingdom

Was surfing the web for things Wicked. At Kristin Chenoweth’s (original Glinda on Broadway’s Wicked) website, I read that she has started work on Disney’s new animated movie Rapunzel: Unbraided!!! Chenoweth’s voicing Rapunzel… and an actress I really like, Reese Witherspoon, is voicing another main character in the film. YouTube has a short preview to the film. It’s not coming out till 2009 though. Still, it’s cool to have news that Disney’s returning to fairy-tales. I hope the songs will be good. []

A Wicked SMS Duel

I knew it as soon as the SMS came through. That a game’s afoot! Oh it’s been so long since I’ve done this… the rush was fantastic! It just so happens I was listening to the Wicked soundtrack, and my phone buzzed. Kenneth (Li): This is terrible… I’ve been trying to study for some time today, and I can’t get the soundtrack of Wicked out of my head! Lol… it’s sooooo distracting… I grinned. I knew what was going to happen. And []

The Path to Wicked

There never yet has been a musical that’s played so hard to get with me as Wicked. My interest to watch it began in March 2005 when a theatre critic in New York personally recommended it to me. I checked some reviews, all of which were glowing. Wicked was showing in Toronto then, but all the performances had been sold out. At every performance, there were people in a long line outside the box office hoping to win the 6 tickets that []