Last Tuesday night, I unexpectedly poured out my heart along with many tears to Zibin. I say unexpected because I had not been feeling particularly down. But we started talking right before bed, I shared a sentiment, he asked a question, and before you know it, BAM. Niagara Falls right in his apartment in Ithaca. […]

Our Very Own Space

This blog is really cool, in that we’re creating our very own space for ourselves in the cyberworld…I guess I’ve never been an avid blogger, but when Ann mooted this idea of us having our own domain, it sounded nice… It’s like we’re working together to create something special, which I am sure this blog […]

Blue & Grey

Spadina Ave, Toronto. Taken Saturday, November 25, 2006. We were waiting for the fog to clear on Saturday morning before going up the CN Tower (which you can glimpse in this shot). I like how this photo turned out, virtually monochrome in the foreground but with a hint of blue sky in the background. Can’t […]

No Nose for Wine

Lamie & I attended the ‘Quick Track to Wine Mastery’ wine-tasting class at the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo. We tasted 6 ‘archetypal’ wines that will supposedly help us to make sense of all the dizzying array of wines out there. The session was very informative, if at times baffling. Richard Best (a.k.a. “The Frugal […]