Catching Up

Me & “Baby Drool” It just struck me… my baby brother who has always been 4 years behind me in terms of most of life’s experiences is catching up! I suppose the gap started closing when we came to Canada, cos he skipped 2 years of high-school… so in a way, we became just 2 […]


Yesterday, for the first time, Zibin and I drove from Toronto to Ithaca after dark. And I loved it. For more than half the way, there were no lights at all except those from other vehicles. Cars a distance away travelling from the opposite direction look as if they were hovering above the ground because […]

The Sleeping Beauty

Principal dancers Greta Hodgkinson & Guillame Côté of The National Ballet of Canada In an article on Nov 2, The Toronto Star described The Sleeping Beauty as “the jewel in the classical crown of the National Ballet of Canada“. After tonight, I have to agree. Ok, so I haven’t watched that many ballets. Only Swan […]