Month: December 2006

Snow. Finally!

Rue St. Antoine in Montréal After all that waiting, we finally got to see a bit of Canadian winter! It snowed overnight and we woke up to a winter wonderland. We checked out Vietnamese food and Montréal’s Chinatown, as well as Vieux Montréal where we visited Notre Dame and Pointe-à-Callière, Musée d’archéologie et d’histoire de Montréal (Museum of Archeology and History). We’re still going to check out St. Joseph’s Oratory and Mont Royal tomorrow. Then it’s off to Québec City!


Cathy viewing snowfall in Zibin’s living room Going on a 5-day family road trip to Montréal and Québec… Happy New Year everyone!


Zibin & I at Buttermilk Falls Go ahead. Laugh. We’re rolling on the floor right along with you! We took a rapid succession of action shots in this series which I hope to make into a GIF file eventually. Snow was falling. Us in half a dozen such crazy positions. It would make a really interesting clip. That is if I can ever stop laughing at the photos long enough to actually do so.

Geek Squad

Cars outside Best Buy in Ithaca. Employees had matching ‘Geek Squad’ windbreakers too! ************** 6 pillows. 4 comforters. 2 hours at U.S. customs. 5 hours on the road. 6 people. 1 bathroom. Just some numbers for our trip to Ithaca.

I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas

Having a white Christmas has always had an effect on me, not that snow makes Christmas any more beautiful than it already is, but it always remind me of the magic of Christmas… Of God being with us… After a full term in Cornell, during which God has blessed me abundantly,I am here in Toronto with Ann and her family, anticipating the arrival of this beautiful day called Christmas. A week (well, almost) has passed since Ann’s parents, John and Cathy arrived []

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree I never cease to be impressed at how resourceful and arty-crafty my mom is. In the space of a few hours, she whipped up a Christmas tree. Ok, so it’s only a few inches tall. But she improvised and after a few handy twists of some wire, and a bit of scissors and glue, we had ourselves a bona fide Christmas tree filled with smiley faces. This reminds me of the time my mom fashioned 2 Christmas trees… one out []

Rainy Day

Traffic on University Ave *************** Something seems to be different this time. Might this be the beginning of a long-awaited and hoped-for change? I don’t know. And I’m too afraid of being hurt again to get my hopes up. Yet, the people are different now. She’s different. He’s different. He’s different. And I am different too. And because we have changed, so too has some of the dynamics, although the situation hasn’t changed. Wait. Try. Hope. There’s nothing to lose after all. []

My Best Friend in the World

Me & Zibin a year ago Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables as a 9 year old, I had dreamed of finding a bosom friend, a kindred spirit who understood me better than anyone else in the world. Someone who would believe in me when nobody else did, someone who would stand by me when everyone else had deserted me. Someone who would share life’s joys and sorrows with me, and still love me even when I suck. Yeah, I []