Not flattering, but impressively accurate description of me. Especially the middle 3 paragraphs. :P Take the test yourself HERE. Presently, you are trying to break away from a situation that is causing you considerable worry and concern. Things are getting on top of you and you are feeling depressed almost to breaking point. Obviously there […]


Earlier today, something escaped my lips which revealed to me something about my inner state. It was one of those moments when I did something that was the complete opposite of my conscious intention, and when I regretted my words as soon as I realized I had said them. I feel deep regret for the […]

On This Day…

Just got a call from you that you vomited out your dinner. When I heard that, it just makes me wish so much that I could be there with you, to take care of you just as so many times you’ve taken care of me when I am sick. While you’re resting away in faraway […]


Lord, Please help me to stop getting worked up about how blind others are to their problems and faults and to turn my eyes inwards into my own heart. Help me to see and confront my own brokenness and sinfulness so that I can look upon another sinner with Your love and compassion and see […]


John called me earlier, just as I was getting into a studying groove. He’s always had perfect timing :P And of course I chose to speak with him… it’s been quite a while since our last chat. 1 hour and 10 minutes of wonderful conversation and laughter… talking about soccer, common friends, family, and reminiscing […]