Me & Toronto

Tonight is my last night alone in Toronto. From tomorrow until the day I fly back to Singapore I will be surrounded by people. And for some reason, I wanted to have some time alone tonight. Just me… in Toronto. I came to this city a curious and eager 19 year old. I remember the […]

My First Opera

I’ve heard it said that you can’t know if you like opera or not until you’ve actually gone to the opera. As much as I love the sound of classical music, I never actually thought I’d like opera. That’s one reason why I never actually went to the opera in all my years in Toronto. […]

What Hoo?

From time to time, Zibin and I will drift into inane conversation about the names of future kids. (Check out this old post to see what else has come up as unfortunate name candidates.) Today’s short interchange on the phone went like this: Me: Hey, if we have a daughter next time, can we name […]

My Weekend

Saturday was my much anticipated date with Wanting (one of the very rare times we actually make plans to go out together for an extended period of time). The original plan was to visit UTSC (UT’s Scarborough Campus) so I could show Wanting where I spent my first year in Toronto and for me to […]

Poor John

I called my mom who’s traveling in China with my grandmother to wish her Happy Mothers’ Day. In the process I found out that John is in Changi General Hospital because the poor boy had injured his right leg: torn the ligament, dislocated his ankle and fractured his leg in two places while playing soccer […]