Month: June 2007

Do U Judge A Book from its Cover?

By now you probably have heard of this ‘Cinderella’ story… but this video is still really enjoyable to watch! (Thanks for sending me, Mary-Ann!) ************* Have been having 14-hr long days of non-stop activities this week, all wedding and renovation related. Tired beyond belief! Very appreciative of friends who have been giving advice and extending help, and especially to my mother who has voluntarily put so much on hold to ferry my one-legged brother to and from work & physiotherapy and for []

The Baby Bandwagon

Guess what? At my wedding, TWO of my dearest friends will be there with big tummies! I can’t announce the new name yet until she informs all her family, but I’m super excited and happy for her! And I’m rather envious at the new Mummy Club that these two dears have formed. It would be so fun to be pregnant at the same time as a dear friend! I’ve missed this boat… but maybe next time, eh? *grin* Who’s going to be []

Something to pray about

This is on Sacred Space this week: In the Northern hemisphere this week includes the longest day of the year, a time to look backwards and forwards, a central date. On such a day, “halfway through life’s journey”, Dante started his ‘Divina Commedia’ with the words, “Nel mezzo del camin di nostra vita.” (“How do I see my life, moving steadily upwards?”) The Church placed the birth of John the Baptist at mid-summer, when the days start to shorten, remembering his prayer: []


I’m back in the tropics for sure. Even paper here feels damp. I bet you don’t notice it unless you have something to compare it with… My mastercard bill from Canada arrived today. The envelope felt different. I could actually open the seal without tearing up the envelope badly. In Toronto that’s impossible w/o steaming the seal. Yep… even the paper inside felt more ‘flimsy’… not as crisp as the paper back in Canada. Things get dustier a lot faster here too. []


It’s not just the weather. The crowds. The hurried pace. The aggressive drivers. The quality of bread (yeah I’m not kidding!). But most of all… my personal space. For all my love of company, I am quite a fiercely private person when it comes to space. I like to have my own space where I can retreat to whenever I feel the need to. I like my alone time, when I have nobody else to account to, nobody else to worry about, []

From Sacred Space

There is a story from the desert fathers. A certain brother came to the abbot Moses seeking a word from him. The old man said, “Go and sit in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything.” The ability to sit still, in silence, with nothing except the silence (not even a mobile phone or the sound of music), really does frighten people, as Saint Anthony explained: “The one who sits in solitude and quiet has escaped from three wars: hearing, []

I Miss Toronto

It’s not a terrible kind of miss… partly cos I’ve been plunged into lots of activities since getting back. And it’s so great to see my family again, and to sayang my poor little injured brother and laugh at his corny jokes. But I find myself talking about Toronto all the time. The food… the places… the people… Everytime I receive an email from Melissa with all the pokes and squeezes and ‘mish you’s I smile and miss her. And then just []

I'm… Home.

Yeah, I’m back in more ways than one. My blog’s up again! (Thank you Steve and the rest of the Negimaki team!) ************** The travel this time was a huge hassle. Due to some problems at the Continental Airlines side, we almost couldn’t catch our flight to Newark. And then our flight to Newark was delayed for an hour while we were sitting in the plane. And they wouldn’t check our luggage all the way to Singapore (due to aforesaid problem) so []