Month: July 2007

Two Cups of Tea

Two Chicken Chop set lunches. Two Cups of Tea. Two glasses of warm water. Two scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Two talkative girls. Two heartbroken daughters. Two sensitive souls. Two clasped hands in prayer. Two flawed human beings. Two kindred spirits. Two good friends.

Blooper of the Day

Scene: Esso Gas Station in Clementi Ave 2. John wanted to go into the store with me so I had to go get his crutch which was in the trunk of the car. Me: *getting out of the driver’s seat* “你不要下车!我先去后面拿你的 CROTCH。”

Life & Death

Last Saturday, I heard from a dear friend that she almost drowned the weekend before in Phuket on a company retreat. Her accident occurred at the same time another Singaporean drowned at a neighbouring beach. My friend may not know, but her account to me of her near death experience gave me much to reflect upon. I am so very glad she’s alright, although the scare is still there. Then, yesterday, when I was walking in the Changi Airport parking lot, I []

Reality Check

Sometimes I think that God has a funny sense of humour. Just when crunch time hits, my dear mom falls and sprains her right wrist (last Thursday actually). We joked that we have Pikachu at home now, cos there’s a ‘pai kar’ (John) and now a ‘pai chiu’ (Mom). But jokes aside, my mom’s injury really challenged us. Cos with her injury she can’t drive (though she keeps insisting she can try, against doctor’s orders)… and John, with his injured right leg []

Interior Freedom

From Sacred Space this week: The adult Christ is hardly intelligible to children before adolescence. But for teenagers he incarnates the highest values of all: freedom and love. As he appears in the Gospel he is the freest of people: unpredictable, and alarming the respectable; a shocking, revolutionary figure whom society eventually found too dangerous and had to put away; a tender and compassionate figure, reacting warmly and spontaneously to all he met; a strong and frightening figure, contemptuous of petty regulations []

Like Wax

Another excerpt from Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation(p.164): Souls are like wax waiting for a seal. By themselves they have no special identity. Their destiny is to be softened and prepared in this life, by God’s will, to receive, at their death, the seal of their own degree of likeness to God in Christ. And this is what it means, among other things, to be judged by Christ. The wax that has melted in God’s will can easily receive the stamp of []

Life in Christ

Excerpt from Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation (p.163-4): Why should I fear anything that cannot rob me of God, and why should I desire anything that cannot give me possession of Him? Exterior things come and go, but why should they disturb me? Why should joy excite me or failure depress me, life attract or death repel me if I live only in the Life that is within me by God’s gift? Why should I worry about losing a bodily life that []

My Inner Room

Some time last year I discovered my inner room… the place where I realize I can hear the Voice of Love reminding me of who I am and Whom I live for. It’s a serene and beautiful place because when I’m there, I’m at peace with myself and the world. In the midst of busy wedding preparations I have begun to skip more and more of my quiet meditation times, and I’m beginning to feel the pull of returning to my inner []

Pilates Discovery… and Update

Today was my second pilates class at iPilates. I discovered some interesting facts about myself after some work on the Reformer machine, Cadillac and pulleys as well as a bit of mat and towel work. 1. My inner thighs are quite a bit stronger than my outer thighs. (For my mom it was the opposite!) 2. My left foot still can’t be flexed as much as my right foot (I injured my left leg 9 years ago), and my left leg in []