Hot Yoga Not So Hot

I tried Hot (Bikram) Yoga for the first time at Pure Yoga yesterday. I have to say, I didn’t care very much for it. 25-30 extremely sweaty bodies cramped in a sauna-like room with perspiration beads being dripped and flung about… and with so little space in between yoga mats that I couldn’t even do […]


Two men looked out from prison bars One sees mud, the other sees stars. – Frederick Langbridge We live in the same world. Do you see doom everywhere, destruction, evil, mayhem? Or do you see love, hope, forgiveness, triumph and joy? Is it what is ‘out there’ or what is in you that makes you […]


One of our new electronic acquisitions for the matrimonial home. It all started when Zibin said he needed an alarm clock. But then, as Chandler and Joey would put it, “we took it to the NEXT LEVEL”. And so now we’ve got an alarm clock, radio and iPod speaker system and charger in one. You […]


Taken during my flight back to Singapore in June Dawn brings new hope. A reminder that for every dark night we endure in our soul, the birth of a new day is never far away. For without the black of night, there is no joy in the tendrils of light that each dawn brings. May […]

Living it 'Up'

Room with a view The Good: – Plenty of fresh air and gusty breezes that keep the apartment cool – Killer view, especially when I do yoga in our living room – Gorgeous perspective of thunderstorms The Bad: – Long elevator ride – Dust accumulates real quickly when I keep the windows open for fresh […]

Some things…

Strange how God plans things… and how He answers certain questions when we least expect Him to. Strange how He chooses to communicate certain things to us, strange how He drops reminders in our lives about the people He wants us to keep loving, even if only from a distance. Strange but wonderful, because it […]

Honeymoon Royalty

All we wanted was a few days of total relaxation with as little travelling as possible. After a brilliant suggestion from Jing Jing and minimal research on our part, we decided to book the Spa Pool Villa at Banyan Tree Bintan for our honeymoon. We had an absolutely fantastic time… it was suited perfectly to […]