Month: September 2007


They get more interesting as they age. Maybe it’s because now that we’re all adults, we have more to talk about with each other. Maybe it’s just because we’re ready to talk. Growing up, my paternal cousins and I were never close. They grew up playing with gongfu fighting, Nintendo and Sega games, none of which interested me. I always brought a book to family gatherings and buried my nose in reading while they sometimes fought around me and over me. I []


Sometimes, one person can make all the difference. I’ve been in a quandary work-wise for a while. It’s a long story which I won’t go into detail here. But suffice to say that after having come so far in my thesis proposal, I’ve learned that the topic is not quite feasible. Why? Mainly because there aren’t sufficient publicly accessible policy documents for me to analyze in the way I had wanted to. It was something I had to come back to Singapore []


This just in from Toronto. I’ve heard from my roving pigeon-hating reporter in Toronto that a certain legally-inclined friend of mine decided to call me an atom. Why? Because I’ve got an eclectic cluster of “electron” friends! Thank you, Monsieur, for the amusing and flattering analogy. But the real reason why I wanted to make this post was so that I can put that title up. *grin*

What do you do?

What do you do when someone dear to you is set to take an action that you really believe is bad for her? What do you do when you can’t help but feel that someone you love is not really happy, and will not really be happy? What do you do when you see things that are obvious to others around her, but she doesn’t see them? What do you do when you’ve already done your part in speaking your mind and []


Prayer and love are really learned in the hour when prayer becomes impossible and your heart turns to stone. If you have never had any distractions you don’t know how to pray. For the secret of prayer is a hunger for God and for the vision of God, a hunger that lies far deeper than the level of language or affection. And a man whose memory and imagination are persecuting him with a crowd of useless or even evil thoughts and images []

HACAS 1996

A photo Mr Miles put up on Facebook, of all places. It’s of the very first History & Current Affairs Society committee in what used to be HCJC. Go ahead, laugh… I’m laughing along with you… and for some of you, I’m laughing at you too!!!! *ROFL*


A close friend posted this on her blog: What does a 17 yo and a 27 yo have in common? Both long for friends. Friends that u can share your deepest hurts, fears with and not be afraid of stumbling them, hurting them or be rejected. Friends that you can freely share your heart with.. friends to talk nonsense with. Friends with whom you can just be you, a you that you love to be. It’s how I’ve always felt, since from []

A Neighbourly Gift

For a while now I’ve been smiling at my neighbours without talking to them. You see, my kitchen window looks into their kitchen window, and we can often see each other cooking and cleaning, but we don’t talk because that would require shouting. Every now and then when I’m at the sink, I’d look up and there she’d be. We’d nod at each other and smile, then resume our respective activities. From observation, she seems to be an excellent housekeeper and cook. []

"Do not yoke…"

In the last few days different friends of mine have encountered the question/problem of a believer + non-believer relationship. It’s always been a sticky question that Christians have to deal with. What do you if, as a believer, you fall in love with a non-believer and you’re advised by others not to pursue a relationship? Is there reason to be concerned? Or is the ‘do not yoke with unbelievers’ sentiment prejudiced and ultimately un-Christlike in spirit? My say? It all depends. Who []

Broken Trust

Having a trust broken is one of the most painful experiences. I’m sure we’ve all been on both sides of the fence – of the one breaking the trust, as well as the one being deceived. How do we react? How do we deal with it? When we’re the one being deceived, righteous indignation, hurt and anger come quite naturally. But how often do we stop and reflect on why our loved one deceived us? It takes a truly humble and courageous []