A smiling En reflected in the keepsake box Weizhen bought her It was a double-bridal shower today for Enling & Xiuhui who are getting married on October 15 and October 20 respectively. It was a small, intimate gathering of girls: lazy chit-chat over chocolate fondue and Tim Tam Slams. :) As Jingshen had whipped out […]


I never log into Facebook unless I have a friend request to confirm. Usually, I find it a bit of a hassle, and a bit unnecessary since I hardly spend time on facebook anyway. But when some long-lost acquaintance/friend/ex-schoolmate/cousin etc sends me a message, it just seems rude not to respond. :P Still, sometimes I […]

For Jing & Sherry

St. Mary of the Angels celebrated St. Francis’ Feast Day yesterday with an animal-themed fair (because of St. Francis’ love for all creatures). There was a cow milking station, pony rides for the kids, hamster races, pet-grooming stations, pet combo meals, a dog obedience show, a pet fashion show etc etc. I’m not particularly partial […]