"Dear Friend"

The post below is written by the Friend I met up with last week. It’s an absolutely beautiful testimony that I’m sure will resonate with many of you. It resonated very deeply with me for it describes the journey that I too had been on. Here’s to all who have ever desired true friendship. Have […]


One of the enduring qualities I appreciate about people is the ability to generate positive energy. I like those who, when faced with a problem, soon think of how they can solve the problem or transform the problem into a learning opportunity instead of moping around with a defeatist attitude. I like being around those […]


For a little over an hour on this Saturday afternoon, I huddled in a dark cinema packed with mostly girls less than half my age waiting to be Enchanted. The excitement was palpable and a quick gaze around revealed many eyes bright with anticipation. As the house lights went down, Zibin whispered, “Looks like you […]

Snow in Toronto

“it’s supposed to snow tonight. it’ll be the first night of heavy snow i hope. it’s long due.” That line in Wanting’s email immediately conjured up in my mind of how Murray St. looked like from my bedroom window during heavy snow. I miss that exhilarating feeling of watching heavy clusters of snowflakes dance their […]


Have you ever asked yourselves why you value your friendships? Friendships are good for many reasons of course, and it serves different purposes at different stages of a person’s life. What I value most in my friendships now is the role my friends play in making me a better person. Companionship is nice, and it’s […]

False familiarity

I may have offended quite a number of people through Facebook. I’ve ignored Friend requests as well as all manners of pokes, probes, sheep-throwing and some wall messages as well. I may be out-of-date with the whole netizen whirl, but I still prefer my online interactions to be with people I know personally, and preferably, […]

Accent Rouge

A serendipitous shot along Orchard Road I haven’t felt much inspiration food-wise or photography-wise since returning to Singapore. Maybe it’s a state of mind? In any case, Wanting’s query about how Singapore looks like now gave me some motivation to bring my camera out again. This would have been a very boring shot if not […]