Month: November 2007

We've come so far

After all these years, it was really strange to hear you tell your side of the story… of the time before we became good friends. So you were feeling alone too… I didn’t know that. There always seemed to be people who wanted to confide in you and be with you. You were always so nice and there were always people who liked you very much! My Sec 3 year was one of the hardest years I ever had to live through, []

Our favourite appliance

The clothes dryer is not far behind, but our $2000 Miele Steam Oven has got to take the prize. Yes, the price tag was steep. But it is worth every penny… even Zibin who was rather skeptical at first has now been completely won over by it. Why? Cos it makes really tasty and healthy meals quickly and easily while keeping the kitchen completely clean AND it is itself very easy to clean! Short of roasting, broiling and dry-baking, this little appliance []

The one I miss the most…

I miss John. I feel like I see so little of him, and even when I see him, I never have the chance to find out how he’s feeling about all the stuff that he has going on in his life. I don’t even really know what’s going on in his life except for bits and pieces I scavenge from my mom when I meet her occasionally during the week. In the past couple of months since I’ve moved out, I’ve even []

Zibin's Birthday "Surprise"

It was Zibin’s 29th Birthday yesterday (Nov 1) and the sweet guy had been planning for 2 weeks to surprise me by taking a day off on his birthday to spend with me. (I know. It’s HIS birthday… I don’t know why the surprise is for ME. ha ha) But, somehow, like I so often do, I spoiled the surprise… Blame it on John & Cathy! Cos it was Cathy’s birthday on October 31 and both John and Cathy took that day []

Budding Talent

I wish I could say I took this photo, but I didn’t. *grin* This is a photo that Sherry took of HER OWN EYE. Amazing isn’t it? I was very impressed when I saw this photo. There’s a quality about it that just draws me in… something about this photo that is emotionally evocative. Sherry’s been fiddling with photography and photo editing for only a little over a year (if I remember correctly), and I think her skills have grown tremendously. Even []