A new 颖恩 is born!

I have a niece! Zibin’s sister gave birth to her daughter 朱颖恩 (Hannah Choo) at 4:40a.m. EST in New York City! I don’t have any other information on the new baby as yet. Just happy that the entire family is well and happy!

Pretty cool to have a niece as my namesake. *grin* I hope that’s a good sign that she’ll have an affinity with this 舅母! After all, we share similar Chinese AND Christian names! (‘Ann’ is actually a variant of ‘Hannah’) And to add to the coincidence of it all, little Hannah “ZHU” is born in the year of the PIG, and I with my surname “YANG” is born in the year of the GOAT! And of course, we were both born in N. America, though I’m Canadian and now she’s going to be American by birth. *grin*

Welcome to the world, baby 恩! I’m just so sorry that I can’t see you yet… how I wish I could say hi in person!


Little Hannah weighed in at a modest 2.57kg (she did arrive 18 days earlier than expected) and my lucky sis-in-law had a smooth and considerably brief labour of 6 hrs.


  1. ha ha no lah! they go by the family ‘poem’ tradition and their children’s names supposed to begin with 颖。 They tried different combinations but liked my name combi best, so that’s how ended up same name as me! :P

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