Month: January 2008

Idol Talk and C-Pop

It’s been a long time since an Asian actor/celebrity has captured my attention and imagination. And normally, I don’t gravitate toward pretty boys although, admittedly, Zibin isn’t exactly Tom Selleck. :P (Then again, I wasn’t attracted to Zibin because of his looks… it was only after we got together that I realized he’s quite cute.) My latest idol crush (in the shallowest sense possible) is 吴尊 because the character he plays in 《花样少年少女》is so cool. And of course, because he’s so gorgeous. []

2 Weddings & I Not Pretty

With Ting @ Yuandong’s Wedding CONGRATULATIONS TO: My cousin Liyu for marrying his JC sweetheart of 9 years, Cailing! Yuandong & Grace for tying the knot as well! :D ********** I Not Pretty I don’t usually put much effort into my appearance, cos, well, I don’t think it’s really worth the money or the trouble. As far as appearances go, I can’t help admiring people who are naturally beautiful. Who wouldn’t like to be effortlessly lovely, right? But since I’ve long resigned []

Fleeting Ting

The photo is of a nightshirt that Wanting came across in Walmart and bought on impulse because it reminded her of me. The 3 girls hugging actually makes me think of me, Ting & Sa Sa when we were living together. *smile* I love receiving gifts that aren’t for special occasions, but just because it has reminded someone dear of me. And once again, Ting has gotten me something that just… fits. ********** We had a simple and quiet gathering of Toronto []

Sleepless in Bukit Batok

3.53 a.m. For the first time since I moved in last August, I woke up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. And I think it might be because I’m too excited by a dream I was having. Wanting’s back in Singapore for a visit, and I’m planning a gathering of Toronto friends at my place this Friday so we can all catch up while she’s in town. I’m certainly looking forward to the party, but I []

Hubby & Me

Zibin’s post on our blog withjoyfulhearts: *********** Zibin’s sick again. The poor guy hasn’t had much time to rest since he fell sick the last time. One day MC was all he took the last time, and he’s had to work 13 to 14 hr days, organize and run retreats, and prepare for presentations at night. He came back from work early yesterday (he walked through our front door at 6p.m. and that’s really early for him) looking terrible with blood-shot eyes. []

It REALLY Is Nice To Be Sick

I vaguely remember I made a similar blog entry sometime ago, so I went through all previous posts and indeed found one. It is interesting to read back on some of these old posts… :) Anyway, here I am sick again almost exactly one year from back then. And this time round, I am pampered right in our own little place. I had wonderful meals being cooked for me, simple and yet super-delicious. I was commenting to Ann that her soup-cooking skills []

Canon PowerShot G9

Zibin got me a Canon PowerShot G9 in December. Why didn’t I blog about it earlier? There are two main reasons: 1. I felt guilty. I know my enthusiastic reports to him about how wonderful the camera was in reviews must have influenced him in getting me this rather extravagant present. 2. I felt inadequate. This camera is a huge step up for me and I feel like a kindergarten kid again learning the ropes from scratch. I thought I better not []

Broken Families

I am convinced that there are more unhappy families than there are happy ones. Divorce and single parent statistics are only the tip of the iceberg. There has to be many more families as good as broken that fly beneath the radar because they are from all appearances ‘happy’. I know (sadly) too many people with broken families. There are those who had a parent who strayed (and still straying). There are those who at a young age had a parent abandon []

MacBook Air *be still my heart*

Apple has done it again – reduce me to a momentarily quivering pool of unadulterated techno-lust. A year ago when I purchased my MacBook, I felt that it was only a matter of time before Apple designs a truly ultra-portable notebook computer that not only is THIN but also LIGHT. Is MacBook Air the answer? I don’t know, and I won’t be one to find out soon as I have no reason or excuse to purchase one in the near future. Yet, []

Casa Jean

*UPDATED BELOW* [See #5: Talking fast is a sign of RESPECT] There’s a very old friend of mine whose name hasn’t been appearing on my blog because we haven’t been in touch much since I started blogging. Her name is Jean. Jean is like a stick of dynamite. Strong, passionate, bright, bursting with creativity and energy and endless (super fast) chatter. She’s a multi-talented and extremely capable woman. She has been school debator, Head Monitor, tennis school team Captain and worn many []