Piano Battle & Duet from 《不能说的秘密》

The Battle The Duet Happened across these videos on youtube and found it entertaining enough to make me consider watching the film《不能说的秘密》. :) I’ve also embedded the soundtrack which has some pretty pleasant pieces with emphasis on the piano. [Soundtrack review] http://media.imeem.com/pl/OFLyK-dXu5/aus=false/

Light up my feet

Floor of the walkway link between T2 & T3 at Changi Airport Do you sometimes discover light where you don’t expect to find it? Sometimes mud isn’t the only thing under your feet. Perhaps now and then not being in sharp focus can yield a thing of beauty. ************ Lent began last Wednesday amidst CNY […]

Turning 29 on February 9

“Into the distance” – Walkway between T2 & T3 at Changi Airport Wow. I’m 29 liao leh. This time next year, I’m going to be 30! 二十九岁了。 却没有什么特别的感想⋯⋯不就是二十九岁嘛。老不算老, 少也不算少。今年过生日时已是他人的妻子; 明年过三十岁生日时会不会已经做妈妈了呢? 哈哈 :P 刚过的这几天老公一碰到亲戚朋友年幼的小孩老是迫不及待得扑上去跟他们玩, 又是作弄又是拥抱, 乐得嘻嘻哈哈的。看起来,我这可爱的老公可真的是很期望当爸爸哦! ********* Birthday Highlights: -Started my first day as a 29 year old early with a mix of Yoga & Pilates […]

Never say never

Life is full of surprises. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I could imagine myself being married to a Chinese High-educated military engineer and sitting in a car enjoying Hokkien songs, I would have collapsed laughing at you. Puh-leeese…! MOI?! Talk about total culture shock! [Stereotypes can be very misleading as I’ve […]