Month: March 2008


Sometimes when it’s been a while since you’ve seen someone, it’s easier to notice how he or she is different from before. But I never thought that returning to a familiar place after 9 months would help me notice how much I have changed since I left. I had been ready to leave Toronto last May, but I hadn’t been ready to make Singapore my home. It took me a while to adjust to living with family again… the sudden loss of []

Old Soul

Yesterday, I finally caught a fuller glimpse of what made one of my good friends so mature beyond his years, and I felt a mix of respect, sadness and gladness for him. For someone so young, he has had to bear responsibilities and burdens beyond what his peers have to normally bear. I doubt ‘carefree youth’ is a term he can identify with, and I can only imagine how he must have often wished for it. Being quite selfish myself when it []

Photos finally

I haven’t been taking many pictures since arriving in Toronto though hopefully that will change soon. :) Finally have a couple of photos I took today that I feel like sharing. It was a wonderful afternoon. Gorgeous weather, happy friends. :) AGO’s new facade in construction along Dundas St. W Waiting for the Green Man (to cross the street :P) My fellow happy photographer And here’s a nice shot that Sherry took of me taking a pic of her…

Girl talk… our way

As is our pattern, Ting and I ‘fell’ into a long-drawn conversation last night. And as usual (with Ting), our talk spanned not only many hours and topics, but also over different locations. We started in the living room where Ting was sitting on her massage ‘chair’. Then moved into my bedroom where I showed her stuff on my computer and we ended up doing stretches on my bedroom floor as we talked. We got thirsty and went into the kitchen where []

Let's start from here

There’s a friend’s blog that kind of serves as a radio for me. Every now and then she uploads a new song, and every so often, I fall in love with it. What’s interesting for me is that the music she uploads isn’t the kind I usually listen to or look for on my own. In fact, Zibin almost always asks me in surprise what music I’m listening to only to have me reply, “I’m at XXX’s blog.” :) I love the []

The way I am

I don’t love or hate by halves. ‘All or nothing’ is my default mode. I am sometimes frightened by the intensity of my own emotions. I like being around people, but I am fiercely jealous of my time alone which calms, relaxes and centers me. Ever since I can remember, I’ve liked to talk. And eat. Ever since I can remember, I’ve derived great joy in making others smile. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved music and all beautiful things. I []

The romance of winter

As I stepped out of the bank this afternoon and onto University Ave, my face was hit with teeny bits of cold wetness. I glanced up and found to my delight that it was snowing. Most of Toronto should be winter weary by now, having endured a near record amount of snow this year. So I must have looked a little crazy to others striding along with that broad, goofy grin on my face. The wind was too strong and cold for []

Being back in Toronto

I don’t remember ever being so happy to walk, not even when I was in Toronto before. Needless to say in hot Singapore, I don’t particularly enjoy getting around on foot because I’d get all sweaty and sticky. But even when I was in Toronto in the past, I’d get lazy easily and start thinking that walking from my home to Kensington Market, or to Chapters at Richmond St, or to my office at OISE/UT was far. But in the last few []