Sometimes when it’s been a while since you’ve seen someone, it’s easier to notice how he or she is different from before. But I never thought that returning to a familiar place after 9 months would help me notice how much I have changed since I left. I had been ready to leave Toronto last […]

Old Soul

Yesterday, I finally caught a fuller glimpse of what made one of my good friends so mature beyond his years, and I felt a mix of respect, sadness and gladness for him. For someone so young, he has had to bear responsibilities and burdens beyond what his peers have to normally bear. I doubt ‘carefree […]

Photos finally

I haven’t been taking many pictures since arriving in Toronto though hopefully that will change soon. :) Finally have a couple of photos I took today that I feel like sharing. It was a wonderful afternoon. Gorgeous weather, happy friends. :) AGO’s new facade in construction along Dundas St. W Waiting for the Green Man […]

Girl talk… our way

As is our pattern, Ting and I ‘fell’ into a long-drawn conversation last night. And as usual (with Ting), our talk spanned not only many hours and topics, but also over different locations. We started in the living room where Ting was sitting on her massage ‘chair’. Then moved into my bedroom where I showed […]

The way I am

I don’t love or hate by halves. ‘All or nothing’ is my default mode. I am sometimes frightened by the intensity of my own emotions. I like being around people, but I am fiercely jealous of my time alone which calms, relaxes and centers me. Ever since I can remember, I’ve liked to talk. And […]