Introducing Mr. & Mrs. John Yeong


John & Cathy registered their marriage today. I was their ‘official’ photographer. I was flattered to be asked, but also nervous, because I still haven’t had time to practice much with my new camera yet. Still, I was quite determined to try using the manual functions on my G9, so I asked Zibin to be my back-up photographer with our old IXUS automatic (can’t go wrong!).

Despite my clumsy fumbling (trying to adjust aperture and shutter-speed frequently when moving into different lighting conditions is no joke for this manual mode green-horn!), the photos turned out quite alright to my relief. There were even some that I thought were pretty nice. John and Cathy are a really sweet couple and they photographed very well today, being aglow with love and happiness.

This is my first attempt photographing an event with people as my main subject. I still hold to the opinion that for me at least, taking good photos of people is much more challenging than photographing landscapes, flowers, buildings or… food *grin*. But because it’s challenging, I feel a great deal more satisfaction when I have taken a photo that has captured emotion and special moments.

I was a slow and clumsy photographer today, but I had happy and patient subjects. This batch of photos will always have a special place in my heart.

In any case, here’s a selection of photos from John & Cathy’s ROM. :)

Few things are as lovely as a red rose
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  1. Ha ha sharp eyes Vee! Yes it is… I liked it a lot so I asked them to get a new one from their Tampines outlet and I went back to J8 to collect it. I got it with this occasion in mind.

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