Month: April 2008

Sweating it out

If you recall, one of the perennial dualistic preferences hubby and I have (other than Mac vs PC) is Yoga vs Pilates. Well, I’d like to change my statement for the record: I now don’t have a preference between the two! In the last year and a half, I’ve focused almost exclusively on yoga, and it has worked very well for me in increasing my strength and flexibility as well as boosting my body’s immunity, curing my sinus and (I strongly suspect) []

Meant to be

There’s nothing quite like starting a new day with some wonderful news. After being in suspense for 3 months ever since I got the first inkling that this was in the offing, I woke up today to the news that Wanting & Calvin are (finally! and officially!) engaged! CONGRATS!!!! I’m truly happy for them because this is one of the rare instances of engagements where there is no nagging doubt, no matter how little, at the back of my head. They are []

Good morning Singapore

We touched down at 5:30a.m. this morning and arrived back home just in time to open our apartment’s windows to the first tendrils of dawn. Irresistibly, the upbeat melody of Good morning Baltimore (from Hairspray) played in my head… except I felt like singing, “Good morning Singapore!” The flight back was uneventful though it had begun relatively tediously. We had (with Wing Kwong’s help) earlier dragged 5 luggages (not counting our back-packs) 5 blocks through mid-town Manhattan’s busy and unfriendly streets (neither []

Big Apple Week

So I’ve been in New York practically a week now, and despite the interesting sights and sounds and the lovely time spent with family here, the thought that keeps recurring to me in my time here is: I miss Toronto. Heck, I miss Singapore too! New York is a great city. In fact, New York is every bit as exciting and distracting as people say it is. But I’m just not a big city person. Even in my several trips to Europe []

Till the next time!

Just like that, my month in Toronto is over. Though now it seems like the time here was short, I never felt that the time passed quickly. Every day was filled with all the little things that make Toronto a special place to me. I walked and walked and WALKED… almost every day! I had lots of quality time to spend alone whether in contemplation, reflection, work, or leisure. I managed to taste all of the food I’ve missed so much (to []

My Toronto Family

Ting & Sa Sa treated me and ZB to dinner at Sambuca Grill today. Ooh, and we got ourselves matching ribbon pendants too. Ting went to buy them after work and we all put them on at dinner (with ZB bemusedly looking on, half-afraid that we’d give him one to put on as well :P). Following dinner, I was still in the mood for some girl-bonding and so I asked Wanting to take out the birthday presents I got her from Singapore []

Opera once more

Almost a year ago, I watched my first opera. This time around, I went to watch what’s supposedly Tchaikovsky’s most popular opera Eugene Onegin. I have never read the Russian classic novel by Aleksandr Pushkin before, and neither have I watched the 1999 film adaptation starring Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler. I suspect I might have enjoyed those two more than I did the opera. :P Why? For one, the music was pleasant, but not nearly as arresting as Verdi’s score in []

Erhu at Eaton

An elderly Chinese basker with his erhu There was something about this elderly basker playing his er-hu with an ever solemn face that caught my whim. The first time I was walking briskly past and I couldn’t help thinking, “wow, that should make a great photo…” There was something silent about the picture even though it was so crowded and noisy that you could barely hear his music at times. On my return leg through the tunnel, I dropped him a Toonie []

My Toronto Gang

My Toronto Gang (who are still in Toronto!) The original OPL ‘Bathrobe’ Sorority Sisters We celebrated Jing Jing & Wanting’s birthdays today with our own hot-pot special! Though the Toronto Gang has shrunken a lot since a couple of years ago, it was still wonderful. Maybe it’s because this group of friends are younger… maybe it’s because they’re either students or still quite fresh in the working force… maybe it’s because we’re in Toronto… but my gatherings with them always have high []

'Unfashionable doctrine'

From Sacred Space this week: Jesus told us, ‘When you do good, your right hand should not know what your left hand is doing.’ That is almost a description of a mother changing nappies. Her routine is such that her right hand barely knows what her left hand is doing as she skilfully and rapidly folds and soothes. Nobody pays her, and nobody even notices, except perhaps baby, if she is less than skilful. Even a mother’s work seems easy compared with []