Month: May 2008

Friendship & Love

When it comes to romance, many like it hot from the beginning. Tales of ‘love at first sight’ are enduringly popular. Another popular take is that of enemies becoming lovers where at first the two can’t stand each other only to find that their simmering caustic chemistry can actually lead to passion. But for me, my favourite love stories have always been those of deep friendships growing into love. I believe it started with my reading of Anne of Green Gables when []

'Turn the volume down'

This morning, as usual, I was still sleeping when Zibin started getting for work. I managed to sleep through most of the usual movement noise until it seemed as if someone suddenly blared the radio. Half-asleep, I raised an arm in protest and groggily demanded, “Turn the volume down!” “Sorry darling, but I can’t control the volume of my fart.” I woke up laughing!

My Hokkien 'education'

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, my extremely pithy understanding of Hokkien is unfortunately limited to vulgarities and a few ‘name-calling’ nouns. However, over the last week, I’ve doubled my Hokkien vocabulary (which roughly means I’ve learned half a dozen more phrases or words). Why? Because of an amusing Hokkien song that John gave me and which Zibin immediately made into my handphone ring-tone for when he (Zibin) calls me. Presenting… Hokkien Speeding: [audio: And here’s a literal English translation (Hokkien-Mandarin []

Ah dose of Beng

Our Broadway Beng gang minus Ivy’s dad, Xiuyan and her bf with Mr. Broadway Beng himself When I received an invitation from Ivy to watch Broadway Beng! 3 with her family, the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Stand-up comedy plus musical with heavy dose of Hokkien and Singlish? I think Zibin will really enjoy this!” I was right on. Zibin loved it so much he actually wanted to give a standing ovation! While I couldn’t have enjoyed it as much []


Yesterday I found out that a friend’s mother has cancer and had just undergone a major operation. Reading her blog brought tears to my eyes. Her sadness, fear, love, and helplessness at her mom’s illness… her mother’s wondering if she would live to see her next birthday… her helping her mom trim her nails, wear her socks… her mom saying “I love you” to her for the first time in her life… It brought me back to the time when my mom []

My kind of heroine

The other day Yinwei made a passing comment that has lingered in my mind. We were talking to Bea & Ivy about dramas, and she told them that the kind of heroines I like are all ‘one kind’ one… like Da Chang Jin, or Joo Yoo-Rin of My Girl that kind… women of intelligence and tenacity. She went on to say that I cannot stand heroines that are ‘weak’, silly or helpless, no matter how cute or pretty they are. Yinwei was []

Of 'young love'

I vividly remember my first crush back in 1987. I was 8 years old and my family had just relocated to London, Ontario for a year. I was the new kid in class, and the only Asian girl. As we were lining up to go back into the classroom after recess, the class bully who happened to be standing behind me started making fun of me. He gave me a sudden shove and I lost my balance, falling towards the jacket hooks []

My first Idol

On a lark, Zibin and I decided to watch The Forbidden Kingdom today. The trailers seemed to promise some decent entertainment, and we had been having too many “Jackie Chan vs Jet Li” debates to resist watching a film where they finally ‘face-off’ on screen. (Bet you can guess who I support right?) It was a good thing that we went to watch on a lark, because that’s all the film was. It was corny too… and entertaining if you like to []