Month: July 2008

Darkest before dawn

Sometimes, you enter a cinema with high expectations and come out disappointed. Sometimes, you read the movie spoiler and ruin the cinematic experience. Sometimes, you enter a cinema with high expectations and after having read the spoiler but you still get blown away. The Dark Knight is such an exciting, brooding and sophisticated film that it surpassed my super high expectations and then some. In fact, Zibin and I both felt that it was one of our best movie-going experiences ever, and []

Blooming in obscurity

There’s someone I know who used to blog very regularly and her blog was always entertaining to read. Sometimes, though, I wondered at the cryptic tone she uses now and then. On more than one occasion, I thought it was a pity that she never shared on her blog the many wonderful insights and reflections that she easily shares in person. She stopped blogging for a while, and I missed her writing a lot. Then, she started blogging again, but this time []

Anything you can do

“Anything you can do I can do better” is a song that’s been so done to death that I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this version by John Barrowman & Ruthie Henshall on the BBC program The Sound of Musicals.

Never enough

Even though I see you everyday, these days it never seems enough. We’re always busy doing things that need to be done, spending time with people we need to spend time with… even though I love that we can do all these things together, still, I miss having more quality time alone with you. Time really is a luxury. Those months we had together in Toronto and Cornell were really precious when we had as much time as we wished to hang []

Hearts full of love

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind that even now is still just settling down. John & Cathy’s wedding planning had been filled with challenges – both logistical and egotistical – that had threatened at many points to drive us to exasperation. The path had been anything but smooth, and there was certainly more than one neck I had felt the urge to throttle. But time and again, I swallowed my anger and chose to respond with a smile, meeting bad []