I look to You

I used to wonder why You created me the way I was… so eager and passionate, so rich in emotion and enthusiastic in love. I used to wonder why whenever I got hurt. Because I would think that perhaps if I didn’t love the way I did, without reservations, I wouldn’t be hurt so easily […]

Digging deep

If you have been watching the olympics, you would have seen elite athletes pushing themselves to the brink of their capacity and beyond. It becomes apparent that during many of the competitions, the determining factor of who prevails is not just a matter of who is physically stronger, faster or more skilled. The determining factor […]

A magic combination

Bea’s quiet elegance. Ivy’s unselfconscious spontaneity and enthusiasm. Yinwei’s gentle bubbliness. My exuberant and incessant chattiness. Add in sisterly affection and womanly camaraderie. Mix it up with a dollop of desire for simplicity and goodness in life. This has been one of my life’s most enduring and successful recipes.

Remaining silent

I have a seemingly inborn compulsion. As far back as I can remember, I can’t help wanting to reach out to people I encounter whom I sense to be in difficulty or in suffering. They can be people who do not ask me for help. Sometimes, when I first encounter them, they may even be […]

4 August 2008

We started our anniversary celebration with a rather over-dressed breakfast at the West Coast Park McDonalds. Then, we were off to the Singapore Flyer where we finally got to use the 2 open tickets hubby previously bought. It was good to go on a Monday morning when there was no crowd to jostle with! I […]