Month: September 2008


Help me to be faithful and loyal to You, Lord, in all that I do. I look forward with all my heart to the day You will embrace me and welcome me into Your kingdom for all eternity. [Thnx Ivy, for making me aware I can actually share this flash on my blog!]

Because papa and mama know best

If you took a poll among Indonesian Chinese undergrads, you would likely find that about the same percentage is studying in business/management programs as there are first generation ABCs or CBCs in engineering or commerce. And if you asked them the reason for their choice of program, an overwhelming number of them will reply with, “My parents.” I was at dinner with a bunch of my young Halim relatives yesterday. And every single one of them was either studying or working in []

Simply Her: A breath of fresh air

There aren’t many women’s magazines in the market that I would pay money to purchase. While it may be cursorily pleasant to the eye to browse the typical fashion/life-style magazine, they often leave me feeling empty. I appreciate pretty faces/bodies and elegant fashion as much as the next woman (have I ever mentioned how I adore looking at Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly?). And I’m all for being well-groomed and stylish but I don’t think concern about the physical should be the []

Jet Li: Still my hero

Sometimes, childhood celebrity crushes grow up into big disappointments, like Tom Cruise. But sometimes, they have a way of maturing along with you, becoming bigger, better versions of themselves, and still inspire you. That’s Jet Li for me. [Mom, I particularly thought that you would be interested in what he talks about below. I think you’ll be impressed! :P] ************* Sep 24, 2008 THE ST INTERVIEW Jet Li: Real-life hero The Asian tsunami was the turning point in Jet Li’s life; now []


I cannot begin to describe the joy, the deep joy, of sharing my Catholic faith with my husband. Today Zibin had a particularly difficult day at work. But when he shared what had happened with me, I felt my heart soar with gratitude and pride because he did not dwell on the injustice that he had suffered, but on the grace God had given him to stay calm while ‘under fire’ and to come through the ordeal without any bitterness. He and []

Keep good company, read good books

That was the advice given to me and Jing today during our tête-à-tête with Fr. Frans. And I remembered, on a tangent, that I had read the exact same phrase years ago in Louisa May Alcott’s Rose In Bloom. I was impressed with the simple idea all those years ago, and when I heard it again today, it didn’t sound any less wise. Do you choose who you keep company with? Ever since we were children, we have been told that we []

Indulging Ann

I have said so before and I must say it again: I am infinitely glad to have a husband who thinks that the full power of my emotional intensity is a walk in the park. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to mind me expressing anything I feel, and if you know me, you know how much I like to give voice to my feelings. I can tell him “I miss you” twenty times a day and he beams happily at me every time. []


During group sharing at the Alpha Course on Tuesday, I heard so many testimonies about how entering a relationship with God had changed lives for the better. It so happened that the stories shared in my group focused a lot on how great it feels… the lightness, the joy, the thrill of coming to know God. All that is wonderful, of course, but I began musing on how it won’t stay that way. It will get more challenging… and it will get []


It’s 7:24a.m. in the morning and I am winded. Today is the first day of two weeks that I have to send Zibin to work by 6 to 6:30a.m. We got off to a good start; even managed to prepare breakfast for him and made a hot cereal drink for myself. I didn’t wish to bring my big bag so I took a couple of essentials in a small wristlet pouch. Hand phone, tissue paper, driver’s license and just in case… $50. []

My husband on a Singapore stamp?

If you’re into stamps, you might know that the RSAF recently released a stamp collection as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations. The stamps feature the various vocations in the RSAF, and apparently, Zibin is the face of the AEO (Air Engineering Officer). Several years ago, Zibin was asked to pose under a F-16 for a photo that was used for promotional and recruitment purposes. That picture had appeared in the newspapers as well as in recruitment pamphlets given to JC students, []