Help me to be faithful and loyal to You, Lord, in all that I do. I look forward with all my heart to the day You will embrace me and welcome me into Your kingdom for all eternity. [Thnx Ivy, for making me aware I can actually share this flash on my blog!]

Jet Li: Still my hero

Sometimes, childhood celebrity crushes grow up into big disappointments, like Tom Cruise. But sometimes, they have a way of maturing along with you, becoming bigger, better versions of themselves, and still inspire you. That’s Jet Li for me. [Mom, I particularly thought that you would be interested in what he talks about below. I think […]


I cannot begin to describe the joy, the deep joy, of sharing my Catholic faith with my husband. Today Zibin had a particularly difficult day at work. But when he shared what had happened with me, I felt my heart soar with gratitude and pride because he did not dwell on the injustice that he […]

Indulging Ann

I have said so before and I must say it again: I am infinitely glad to have a husband who thinks that the full power of my emotional intensity is a walk in the park. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to mind me expressing anything I feel, and if you know me, you know how much […]


During group sharing at the Alpha Course on Tuesday, I heard so many testimonies about how entering a relationship with God had changed lives for the better. It so happened that the stories shared in my group focused a lot on how great it feels… the lightness, the joy, the thrill of coming to know […]