To my First Love

You set my heart ablaze with Your love. I stand before You with my head bowed in shame for having broken another promise, for having failed another test. I feel broken, weak, and helpless against the onslaught of things that are beyond my control. But most of all, I feel defeated by my human weakness. […]


Isn’t it strange how everything can still be in flux and undetermined, but suddenly you find peace in being where you are? All my life I have been searching for my mission. I’ve envied people who had specific dreams and who seemed to know exactly what they were working for. I’ve longed to find direction […]


It is difficult to describe the pleasure of reconnecting with a friend after several years and finding her happy and fulfilled. I had that rare treat yesterday when I met up with Suyan. Ours is a rather unique friendship in my book. We go back all the way to being classmates in Pri 4. We […]

The husband

The Popular phenomenon I’ve been heading to Popular bookstore quite frequently lately. A few of those times it’s with the hubby. What amuses me no end is that every time we walk into one, he – that is, my Stephen Chow loving husband – starts singing words associated with an entirely different Stephen (Schwartz). He […]