Month: October 2008

A thorn is… just a thorn

The husband and I were chatting about anything and everything as is our custom, jumping in and out of topics… Me: Did you know that Ivy described me as a thorn in her side? ZB: Is it? Why? Me: I dunno… I guess because I always aggravate her or something. ZB: *chuckles* Me: It’s not like I try to do it you know, cos I don’t! Like that night we had dinner and she insisted I was fighting with her over the []

To my First Love

You set my heart ablaze with Your love. I stand before You with my head bowed in shame for having broken another promise, for having failed another test. I feel broken, weak, and helpless against the onslaught of things that are beyond my control. But most of all, I feel defeated by my human weakness. Oh how boldly I dare to speak at times about my beliefs. But then I feel like a hypocrite when I myself fall. Something in me taunts []

It's the little things

The husband played soccer at work today. And as he hurried into the bathroom to take a shower before we leave for the Alpha Course in church, he told me that he needs to return the soccer jersey tomorrow. That meant that we would have to start the washing machine before we leave home so that we can dry the clothes after we come home. I glanced at the hamper and didn’t see the jersey, so I shouted through the bathroom door []

Oh what wonderful fun!

This is a taping session done by the cast of the musical The Producers. Watch how much they enjoy themselves singing in a studio! Oh how I would love to be involved in something like that… imagining that I can sing like that of course! I find Gary Beach (the main solo for this song) absolutely delightful here. I can see why he won the Tony in 2001 for this role! You would have to know the story of The Producers to []


Isn’t it strange how everything can still be in flux and undetermined, but suddenly you find peace in being where you are? All my life I have been searching for my mission. I’ve envied people who had specific dreams and who seemed to know exactly what they were working for. I’ve longed to find direction and I never could find it. I had been so busy looking and being anxious that I didn’t realize that I’m already living my mission. It’s like []


It is difficult to describe the pleasure of reconnecting with a friend after several years and finding her happy and fulfilled. I had that rare treat yesterday when I met up with Suyan. Ours is a rather unique friendship in my book. We go back all the way to being classmates in Pri 4. We had participated in some competitions and projects together but we never became close friends in the traditional sense. We run with different groups of friends and almost []

The husband

The Popular phenomenon I’ve been heading to Popular bookstore quite frequently lately. A few of those times it’s with the hubby. What amuses me no end is that every time we walk into one, he – that is, my Stephen Chow loving husband – starts singing words associated with an entirely different Stephen (Schwartz). He actually starts singing ‘Popular’ from the musical Wicked! Sure, he doesn’t get much further than “Popular. You’re gonna be popular!” But that’s enough for me to imagine []

Embracing 'auntiehood'

Strange isn’t it, that I do the same things in Toronto as I do in Singapore: cook, clean, shop for groceries, housewares and chinese herbs. In T.O. nobody bats an eye-lid. But in Singapore, these activities seem to have been stamped irrevocably with ‘auntiehood’. Yesterday, I had dinner with John and Cathy and then proceeded to buy groceries and some American ginseng from Hock Hua at West Mall. While waiting for them to slice the ginseng, Cathy asked me some questions about []

Of magical late night conversations

When you’re married, it’s easy to settle into a comfortable but repetitive pattern of day to day living. Sometimes, a sudden change in rhythm can do wonders to inject a delightful sparkle when you don’t expect it. This last week has been very bad in terms of Zibin’s work hours, and we’ve had some kind of social engagement or group activity the three weekday evenings that he was back before 10p.m. On one day, I was already asleep when he came home []