Sisters in Christ

When I stopped wishing and looking for intimate friends who could understand me, God gave me sisters. Thank you, Lord, for giving me friends who love me, and who share my love for you. Thank you for close friends with whom I can bare my soul and share my deepest struggle and most profound joy […]


I’m not shy. But I am riddled with fear and self-doubt. Most of these are simmering below the level of my conscious awareness such that they escape my notice. But they affect the way I live… the choices I make and fail to make. They are the limiting factors that I have set on myself. […]

Birthday sentiments

It’s a lovely thing that the only 2 people that have ever been described as my ‘other-half’ celebrate their birthdays one day after the other. Yesterday, my husband turned 30. Today, my former ‘partner-in-crime’ in the SNGS prefectorial board turns 29! Happy Birthday you lovable, crazy, corny loons! I feel so blessed that you are […]