Month: December 2008

Visiting Master Althan Ng

Zibin and I visited Althan and his Papa and Mama this past Friday. What a treat it was! Althan performed a Doraemon song and dance which he had choreographed himself. As the host, he offered us a choice of drinks. When I asked him what the choices were, Althan read the labels “Honey(suckle)”, “Ice Lemon Tea” and “Green Tea” accurately and served us what we chose. At one point, I asked him, “Althan, may I ask you a question?” I was expecting []


When Christ said: “I was hungry and you fed me,” he didn’t mean only the hunger for bread and for food; he also meant the hunger to be loved. Jesus himself experienced this loneliness. He came amongst his own and his own received him not, and it hurt him then and it has kept on hurting him. The same hunger, the same loneliness, the same having no one to be accepted by and to be loved and wanted by. Every human being []

Cream of mushroom soup

My all-time favourite western soup has got to be Cream of Mushroom. I mean the fancy restaurant grade kind that is creamy smooth to the taste and oozing with mushroomy goodness. And so it is that when Karen Cheng blogged about making that soup with her 5.5 yr old son, I decided I want to try making one to my satisfaction – from scratch, in my own kitchen. Karen Cheng’s recipes are always adapted to be more healthy. But I decided that []

Teddy bear and chocolate

My hubby came home last night carrying a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. They weren’t for me. ZB:“My WO (warrant officer) so cute… went on a trip and bought me this souvenir.” I took a look at the cute soft toy and chocolates and pictured one of the ‘uncles’ I had met among his WOs. Something didn’t click… it tickled me that one of those ‘uncles’ would give another man a teddy bear and chocolates. I repeated, “One of your []

A day to think of T.O.

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought of Toronto so often in a day and with such nostalgia. It started this morning when the husband and I were at Vivocity for Tengah Air Base’s anniversary cohesion day. While looking for a place to sit and wait for him during the employees-only lucky draw, I considered going into Starbucks (which, by the way, I virtually never patronize). While staring at Starbucks, I was suddenly hit with a longing for Second Cup. That []

I give thanks

Thank you Lord For friends and family who love me For the gift of their time and presence For the sincerity in their gaze and the warmth of their hugs And thank you Lord For every high and every low of every day For joy and for sorrow For despair and for hope But most of all I thank you Lord For the grace you bestow on me That I may thank you with all my heart No matter what