Meditative grace

I have been practicing daily meditation for about 3 years, though with some irregularity at times. I started with 20 mins, then to 25 mins, 30 mins, and once, an hour. But though the time spent meditating can be long, my experience is that it is not often, and not for very long, that I […]

A new creation

My friends, yesterday marked the 7th consecutive day of healing for me and amazing things have happened. Things that I feel many of you will not believe, though perhaps that sentiment of mine is from a lack of trust in God. Would you believe me if I told you that miracles have happened in my […]


Today is the happiest day of my life. Today, I realized that in all my life, I have never been able to accept or love myself because I have been measuring myself against my mother. What I am about to share in no way detracts from all the wonderful ways she has loved and taught […]

An ABD's confession

Note: ‘ABD’ is a term PhD candidates use to describe their “All-But-Dissertation” status. That means they’ve finished all their requirements except the dissertation – it’s the final stretch. I’ve been ABD twice. Once in early 2007, then again in early 2008 because I decided to change my topic after realizing the first topic was unfeasible. […]

Seeing myself

People of faith don’t believe in coincidences. So I see it as God’s perfect timing that yesterday, my father brought back a digitally restored video of my kindergarten performance in 1984. Just when I realize that I don’t know how to accept or love myself – and that I don’t even know how to see […]

Born again!

The revelations keep coming. And I had a real tragically funny one this morning. It suddenly hit me WHAT my distorted image of God was. It was the image of a God OBLIGED to love me. And so it is that I have always believed God loves me no matter what. But He loves me […]