To all of you who prayed for me and all who went for the Conversion Experience Retreat, THANK YOU. So many people (there were 120 attending and more than 100 volunteers) were touched by God’s grace and love over the 4 days of the retreat. Hardened hearts were melted, many healings – spiritual, emotional and […]


Grace does not make us impervious to suffering. Nor does it give us plain sailing in life. Any gospel that attempts to preach grace as such is severely shortchanging its audience. The beauty of grace is precisely that it transforms the experience of suffering such that we come to experience and understand God’s love for […]

My prayer warriors

Every Friday evening, a wonderful thing happens in my home. A small group of people comes together to break bread, share the Word of God, pray for one another and have fellowship. My SCC (Small Christian Community) group is a prayer powerhouse. Our meetings recharge our spiritual batteries in such powerful ways that no matter […]

All for You

Sweet Lord, In the past week I’ve begun to realize the foretaste of what a life lived in mission for You would entail. And it is nothing short of radical. And I never saw myself as radical – for I used to toe the line. Always, and carefully. I hated to give offense, and that […]