Month: April 2009

Having a true opinion of myself

For “In him we live and move and have our being.” – Acts 17:28 How foolish the lamp which takes pride in how much light it gives the room when it cannot shine without electricity or exist without the person who created it. God is the artist who made me. God is my electricity. I am just a broken little lamp who is nothing and useless without Him. But because he loves me, and because he chose to make me whole, I []

Girl's Night Out at CSC

Yesterday was the last day of our Catholic Schools ‘Promo Run’ for Paul the Musical. We had eleven schools to cover in the east of Singapore, and it would have been impossible for one team to cover in an afternoon. As always, God provided, and our new full-time Pastoral Assistant at St. Mary’s volunteered to help and so we had two cars (thus two teams). We finished just in time before schools closed for the day. We covered 35 campuses plus the []

Journal: God rocks!

Anyone who has ever had to write a paper or article would know how challenging that can be. On the rare occasions that you are inspired, the words just flow. But more often than not, you can find yourself stuck. And if you have to meet a deadline, you face the very real possibility of submitting sub-standard work. Every writer knows, that even if you have all the time in the world to research, plan, and write, if there is no inspiration []

Journal: God's love is greater

Of late, there are so many tasks I am doing that I have begun to lose sight of the forest for the trees. So easily am I sucked into ‘macro-mode’ (yes, like the camera) that I become focused on completing tasks and achieving results. And with so many different urgent tasks on my plate, it is unsurprising that I began to feel stressed. On Saturday morning, I had organized a Paul the Musical Info-Session for Catholic school Religious Coordinators. Due to exam []

God's love song

I woke up today feeling a little under the weather. My husband informs me with a smile that he has a meeting at MINDEF in the morning and can drop me off at the doorstep of my office. As I started work, I began to have a throbbing, splitting headache that grew steadily worse. My colleague offered to take over my task for the day so that I could go home and rest. As I walked out of church, wondering what to []

Journal: Mary (Mother of Jesus)

On Holy Saturday’s Day of Recollection at CSC (April 11, 2009), I received a write-up on Mary, Mother of Jesus. This was right after we were asked to close our eyes and try to identify with someone who had been present at Jesus’ Passion and Death. I had identified myself with Peter – for with all his heart he had claimed to want to follow Jesus to death. But at the first test of faith, he failed because of fear, and denied []

I am loved

I never cease to be amazed at the way God brings people into my life. Just when I have begun to feel daunted by the brokenness of humanity and the raw hunger and need in people’s lives; just when I begin to feel I am too ill-equipped for the work God wants me to do, God brings me a fellow wounded healer – someone who is broken but who has encountered the healing grace of God, and whose spiritual gift is exhortation []

One thing I seek

One thing I ask of Yahweh, one thing I seek: to dwell in Yahweh’s house all the days of my life, to enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh, to seek out his temple. Yahweh, hear my voice as I cry, pity me, answer me! Of you my heart has said, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, Yahweh, I seek; do not turn away from me. Do not thrust aside your servant in anger, without you I am helpless. Never leave me, never forsake me, []

As bread that is broken

Lord, help me to live my life as bread that is broken! Many hearts are hungry tonight, Many trapped in darkness yearn for the Light So many who are far from home, And many who are lost Oh, Lord, Your wounded children need The power of Your cross As bread that is broken, use our lives As wine that is poured out, a willing sacrifice Empower us, Father, to share the love of Christ As bread that is broken Lord, use []

Light in our darkness

In a blink of an eye, Lent is almost over. This evening, we enter into the Easter Triduum when we celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. This year’s Lent has been particularly meaningful for me because I have spent practically every minute of it in service. I do not try to claim credit for this, because I doubt I can be that noble. Only my Master can be so perfect a planner that He makes my waking hours so packed, nary []