Month: April 2009

My Husband's Prayer for Us

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary as a couple. May we grow as a couple in holiness, accepting our stations in life. For there is no better way than to be where exactly He has created us to be at each day. And when sufferings come our way, may we humbly recognize where we’ve tried to depart from His unending love and return to where He is calling us to be. Praise to Him, our God who in His wisdom has []

10 years of being a team

Today, Henry and I celebrate our 10th anniversary of being a couple. And true to our pattern, there are no special plans whatsoever. We had in fact taken the day off, but are both needed back at work today, and in capacities which we cannot responsibly shirk off. So he’s returning to work this morning to facilitate a workshop, and I am back at work planning for a very important event for the main committee of Paul The Musical. In fact, Henry []

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Almighty God, Thank you for reminding me today through the gift of this most beautiful sacrament that Holiness, Beauty, Humility and Suffering are all united and brought together in one simple thing: right relationship with You. Thank you for reminding me that holiness and perfection is not about something that I am not, or am ‘not yet’, but that holiness and perfection is about being exactly who I am in each situation and context you give me, and in accepting myself and []