The grace of being sick

There’s something about being physically ill that seems to help me spiritually. Without my choosing to, I become more docile, softer, and strangely, more patient and forbearing. These are all traits that do not occur naturally in my nature and temperament. The world seems to move past me in slow-motion, and I perceive the gap […]

Deep inner healing

Saturday had been the Alpha ‘weekend away’ on the Holy Spirit, and the service team had both received the laying of hands and had also ministered to the Alpha guests. I had been prayed over twice in the last 10 days and both times, long forgotten memories (ranging from infancy to teen years) had surfaced […]

True strength

Of what great accomplishment is it to “win friends and influence people” if I have not conquered myself? How much time do I spend focusing on the defects of others as compared to my own short-comings? How easily do I get distracted by what others do or fail to do? Would it not profit me […]